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    Science and art intersect in the Hot Glass Shop, where students have used their scientific minds to drive their creativity since the facility opened on the Missouri S&T campus in 2007. Only 16 students are accepted into the course each semester since the small workspace restricts the number of participants able to work safely in the shop with its one crucible and one reheat furnace. Once they learn the basics of working in the shop, students are turned loose to express themselves by making a variety of objects for practical application or aesthetic appeal.

  • Broken-Pieces

    Modern. Refractive. Complex. Glass.

    Despite its nearly ubiquitous presence in our daily lives, glass has maintained a reputation for fragility for centuries. Typically composed of a mixture of fine powders like limestone, sand and sodium borate, the material — so commonplace as to be nearly invisible — is probably noticed most when it’s broken. Think of the large, jagged shards that are created when a baseball is thrown through a windowpane or of the pebbles that litter the ground when a car window is shattered.



Hey @MissouriSandT ! Way to rock the #AprilFoolsDay pranks! http://t.co/8p91oBDScS — WhatsTheBigIT (@WhatsTheBigIT) April 2, 2014 Think of a number. Double it. Add six. Halve it. Subtract the number you started with. Your answer is three! #gottalovealgebra — Cheryl B. Schrader (@SandTChancellor) April 21, 2014   I speak a lot about the value of #highered. […]

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A golden year for the EEC

Fifty years ago this September, Anton Brasunas opened Missouri S&T’s Engineering Education Center, known then as the Graduate Engineering Center, with nothing but a borrowed desk in an office above a drug store across the street from the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus.

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Boom goes the Ph.D.

Missouri S&T is now the first university in the nation to offer a Ph.D. in explosives engineering. The Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education approved the new degree program in February. 

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Four for the future

Missouri S&T’s expertise in advanced manufacturing recently led to a partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). S&T is one of 23 universities that are part of the Digital Lab for Manufacturing, a Chicago-based research center for advanced digital manufacturing and design. The center was created through a $70 million award from the DOD.

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Hasselmann Alumni House: making progress

The Miner Alumni Association began construction on Hasselmann Alumni House in January and after some weather delays, wasted no time pouring the concrete foundation in April. Framing is now complete and workers have started the masonry work. You can watch the progress live at mineralumni.com/house.

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