Learning by leading

Missouri S&T students leave the university with more than a degree. They gain invaluable experience in leadership by bringing people together to solve issues on campus. Here’s a look at what some organization presidents tell us they learned about leadership at S&T.

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Nancy Matteoni: underground engineer

If you have traveled through St. Louis in the past few years, chances are you have driven on or over a construction project that Nancy Matteoni, CE’90, has built.

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Tracking the state of the ecosystem by studying its forests, fires and insect population is what makes Robin Verble tick, and she uses her findings to help advance healthy and sustainable management of natural areas.

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The beginning of life as we know it

Approximately 2.4 billion years ago, the Great Oxidation Event dramatically increased the oxygen content in Earth’s atmosphere and paved the way for the rise of all lifeforms that use oxygen to break down nutrients for energy.

Scientists agree about when the event happened, but they are less certain about exactly how.

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A summer at Stingray Bay and beyond

Biological sciences senior Vanessa Mahan thought she wanted to be a medical doctor. But after a semester’s coursework in cell biology, Mahan decided the profession was not for her. Further exploring her interests through a biodiversity course, Mahan found her passion — merging medicine with her love of animals.

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Mike and Linda Evans: investing in the intersection of technology, arts and sciences

Mike Evans, ME’67, remembers late nights working on the Rollamo, float trips on the Gasconade River — and Saturday mornings that were anything but leisurely.

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Travis Gittemeier: the man inside the mascot

He isn’t the most talkative person you’ll ever meet. But when you spend many of your college days and nights suited up as a mute mascot, chattiness isn’t required.

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Ceramic engineer finds a home in nuclear industry

When Destinee Rea, CerE’15, began looking at colleges, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the STEM field. The problem? She had no idea which one.

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Tamar Makharashvili: Exceeding expectations

As a child, Tamar Makharashvili was curious about computers. She wanted to understand their parts and how they worked. But her interest in technology wasn’t encouraged at home or in school in her home country of Georgia.

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James and Joan Woodard: Inspiring new generations of teachers and scholars

When Joan Woodard, Math’73, was in high school, there wasn’t much exposure to engineering. But that changed when she got to Rolla.

“I had many friends studying engineering,” she says. “I knew that’s what I ultimately wanted to do.”

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