Queens of St. Patrick

Here are the 91 women who have been named a Queen of Love and Beauty at MSM and UMR.

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Honorary Knights of St. Patrick

Honorary Knights of St. Patrick, chosen each year by the St. Pat’s Committee and the UMR chancellor, are chosen for the service they’ve performed for the campus, the Rolla community, the state of Missouri, the nation and/or the St. Pat’s tradition.

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Happy campers (with eager young minds)

Jennifer Babb was introduced to science and technology at UMR in 2005 when she attended Summer Solutions Camp for girls who are freshmen and sophomores in high school. Babb then attended the Jackling Introduction to Engineering camp the following year. During one of those visits to campus, she heard about a new UMR camp that sounded intriguing. “A bunch of my friends were really jealous when they found out I was going to Explosives Camp this year,” says Babb, now 17, of St. Louis.

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Imagination stations

Finding shelter from the acid rain is the first order of business after crashing on Planet Zak. This is accomplished by taping plastic garbage bags to the edges of tables and hiding underneath. “The lights flash on and off and the teacher comes around with a spray bottle,” says Sophie Vojta, 10, of Rolla.

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They’re material girls

Gathered around the small stone furnace in Room 142 of McNutt Hall, a group of middle school girls watched in awe as Nathan Wyckoff, a graduate student in materials science and engineering at UMR, poured hot, yellow liquid glass into a ceramic mold to cool. While pouring the liquid, he explained to them that glass is formed at 1,050 degrees Celsius (1,922 degrees Fahrenheit), noting that brownies bake at only 350 degrees as a reference point.

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Shock & awe

Explosives Camp director Paul Worsey instructed one of the high school students to get ready to activate the firing unit, which was connected to the shot cable, which was connected to the detonator, which was connected to the detonating cord – which, finally, was connected to several cans filled with ether. After Worsey’s last warning of “Fire in the hole!” was sounded, a frighteningly loud boom erupted, accompanied by a huge ball of red fire and black smoke.

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Lending a hand

Ask any member of UMR’s Engineers Without Borders chapter why they devote so much time to the organization (time they could otherwise spend prepping for exams or relaxing with friends) and
you’ll likely hear about their desire to help others. Diverse in majors and life experiences, the students are unified by their desire to bring safe drinking water and improved sanitation to the world’s poorest countries. This year, more than 60 students traveled thousands of miles to establish sustainable solutions for residents in Bolivia, Guatemala and Honduras.

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New name, same mission

On Jan. 1, 2008, our university will become Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). Our new name will reflect this university’s mission as one of the nation’s leading technological research universities.

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Summer camp scrapbook

Advancing Excellence

UMR capital campaign seeks to strengthen campus is key areas
If there is one common quality among UMR alumni and friends, it’s loyalty.

Harvest Collier (left), vice provost of undergraduate studies, with chemistry students Kyle Anderson and Kylee Hyzer. | photo by Ian Nance

Take, for instance, Helen Lasko. The wife of the late Edward P. Lasko, MetE’50, established two scholarships totaling $100,000 and an estate gift that will add nearly $2 million more with money she made playing the stock market. But the gift that means the most to her is the $50 check she sends to the football program every March 17 in honor of Edward’s birthday. He played football for the Miners and UMR was important to him. Now it is important to Helen.

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