Building name now honors two longtime professors

Straumanis Hall, which houses the Graduate Center for Materials Research, was renovated this summer and renamed Straumanis-James Hall in honor of William J. “Bill” James, professor emeritus of chemistry at Missouri S&T.

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Where it comes from, where it goes

Petroleum, coal and natural gas combined to provide more than 83 percent of the energy generated in the United States in 2008, as the flow chart below illustrates. Meanwhile, three of the most talked-about renewable energy sources – wind, solar and biomass – combined to create just 12.4 percent of all generated energy. While more than 40 percent of all generated energy powered homes, businesses, factories, and our planes, trains and automobiles, 57 percent of it was rejected – or wasted as emissions or exhaust.

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A visual look at the world’s energy consumption


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Dean Lindstrom: He’ll turn the lights off for ya

Dean Lindstrom, EE’79, has seen the world and is ready to help cut its energy bills.

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Career Fairs – Fall 2009 and Spring 2010

The following people attended the Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 Career Fairs at Missouri S&T:

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Matt Coco: friends, family, food

Matt Coco, CE’66, knows a lot about transformations. It’s something that he learned as a young child in his grandmother’s kitchen by watching his diminutive grandmother take four simple ingredients (flour, yeast, water and salt), knead them together and transform the dough into a delicious bread.

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Class of 1942

Six years before their Golden Alumni Reunion, a dozen members of the Class of 1942 started kicking around the idea about doing “something big” for their upcoming 50th anniversary in 1992.

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Ted Waldbart: A HERO for Haitians

Ted Waldbart’s background isn’t in nonprofits. It’s in solving problems and managing projects for large American corporations like Coca Cola and Phillips Petroleum.

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March 21 – Claddagh Irish Pub – Mason, Ohio
Attendees included Bret ’93 and Gina ’93 Baldwin; Chris ’02 and Carmen ’00, ’02 Carney; Randy ’73 and Becky Casteel; Lamar ’95 and Vicky ’92, ’94 Gerber; Jay ’71 and Brenda Jones; Russ ’62 and Laura Kamper; Bob ’51 and Bev Shields; Bob ’70 and Carolyn Wilmesherr; and Tom ’69 and Judy Zenge.

Coastal SC-GA

March 26 – Katie O’Donald’s Irish Pub – Bluffton, S.C.
Attendees included Bill ’50 and Joan Bach; Charles Church ’50; Tom ’76 and Pam Farris; Kraig Gordon ’76, ’77; Don Hinton ’68; Russ ’67 and Joanne Rymer; and Ron Striebel ’61.