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Designed by Harley Earl, the Chevrolet Corvette was first introduced as a concept car at the GM Motorama in 1953. It came in polo white with a red interior and a black top — and that was the only option.

  • Jeff Ivers, CSci’74, has a 2005 Corvette. He also has a Lotus.

  • Jeff Boschert, CE’96, Jeff Bohler, CE’94, and Tricia Bohler, CE’93, took this photo of their Corvettes at the October 2011 Memories Car Cruise in Sunset Hills, Mo. Boschert bought his 1972 Ontario Orange Corvette in 2006. The Bohlers bought their 1970 Marlboro Maroon Corvette in 2005.

Engineering a dream dragster

bob toy

Bob Toy, ME’72, and his racing team set a national record in their dragster in 1997. (Photo courtesy of Auto Imagery Inc.)

“I didn’t pick my major for a good job or a membership to the country club,” says Bob Toy, ME’72. “I did it so I could race.”

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On the road

Whether they drive sports cars, muscle cars or classics, one thing is true. Miners love their cars. Here are a few more of their stories.


  • Rich Henry, CE’83, of Lafayette, Calif., bought a new Meteor Gray Porsche 997 Turbo in 2007. “It’s very fast and very fun to drive on the California coastal highways and on our favorite road course track, known as Thunderhill, against other fanatic sports car drivers,” Henry says.

  • Patrick Tibbits, MetE’76, of Aberdeen, Md., saved up his overtime pay working on the Constellation Project at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center to buy a 2000 BMW Z3. “For a given engine displacement, what gets there fastest on a winding course is a low center of gravity, stiff suspension and gearing that keeps the engine in its powerband at a variety of speeds,” Tibbits says.

What are your favorite car songs?

Chances are, even if you don’t own a Hot Rod Lincoln or a Little Deuce Coupe, you still have a favorite song about cars.

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Melissa Morrison: low-impact day

(Photo by B.A. Rupert)

For 24 hours last fall, Melissa Morrisongave up some of her favorite things — chewing gum, toasted Pop-Tarts, the Internet and texting — all in an attempt to minimize her impact on the environment.

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First impressions form fast on the web

Eye tracking

Nick Lockwood, assistant professor of business and information technology, Sneha Pochinapeddi, a graduate student in information science and technology, and Hong Sheng track the way our eyes move around a website.
(Photo by B.A. Rupert)

As more people use the Internet to search for information, a user’s first impressions of a website can determine whether that web surfer forms a favorable or unfavorable view of that organization, according to researchers at Missouri S&T.

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From elves to angels: Researcher studies Christianization process

During medieval times, the spread of Christianity was one of the most significant developments in Europe. From 400-1400 AD, societies slowly went from believing in giants and magic to being mostly Christian.

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Honorary knights

Eight S&T alumni and friends kissed the Blarney Stone after St. Pat dubbed them Honorary Knights of St. Patrick during knighting ceremonies on March 16. Thomas Markowski, a junior in petroleum engineering, portrayed St. Pat. Tom Green, president and owner of Key Sport Shop in Rolla, was named Honorary St. Pat.

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The chancellor is in the house

Schrader, CherylB.

(Photo by B.A. Rupert)

Cheryl B. Schrader (pictured outside the Chancellor’s Residence) began her new duties as Missouri S&T chancellor on April 2. Once on campus, she wasted no time representing the university to students, alumni and university leaders.

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Career Fair continues to grow

Career Fair

(Photo by B.A. Rupert)

Career opportunities and employer relations hosted the Spring 2012 Career Fair on Feb. 21 with 178 employers in attendance. That’s a 17 percent increase over last spring, and 29 of the employers were new. S&T students visited with more than 500 recruiters representing 29 states in hopes of landing a job, internship or co-op opportunity.

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