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On June 6, 2012

Whether they drive sports cars, muscle cars or classics, one thing is true. Miners love their cars. Here are a few more of their stories.


  • Rich Henry, CE’83, of Lafayette, Calif., bought a new Meteor Gray Porsche 997 Turbo in 2007. “It’s very fast and very fun to drive on the California coastal highways and on our favorite road course track, known as Thunderhill, against other fanatic sports car drivers,” Henry says.

  • Patrick Tibbits, MetE’76, of Aberdeen, Md., saved up his overtime pay working on the Constellation Project at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center to buy a 2000 BMW Z3. “For a given engine displacement, what gets there fastest on a winding course is a low center of gravity, stiff suspension and gearing that keeps the engine in its powerband at a variety of speeds,” Tibbits says.

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On June 6, 2012. Posted in Features