Making stronger concrete with fly ash

Portland cement has been around for over 250 years as the binding material for concrete, mortar and stucco, but Mohamed ElGawady says replacing it with fly ash can make concrete more durable, stronger and more resilient. [Read more…]

Engineering a rescue

The night Brian Hunt died, volunteer firefighter Cody McKellips vowed to find a better way for fire and rescue teams to speed up water rescues, particularly as flood waters rise. [Read more…]

Academy inductions

At ceremonies held in October and April, 38 alumni and friends were inducted into Missouri S&T academies. Academy membership recognizes a career of distinction and invites members to share their wisdom, influence and resources with faculty and students.


  • Dutro “Bruce” Campbell, ChE’92
  • Mike Schmidt, ChE’80, MS ChE’85


  • Becky Baltz, CE’84, EMgt’84
  • Claudia Hoeft, CE’90
  • Paul Kronlage, CE’83
  • Mary Lamie, MS CE’98
  • John Priest, CE’52
  • Tom Wolff, CE’70
  • Shamsher Prakash, professor emeritus of civil, architectural and environmental engineering (honorary member)


  • Dean S. Ford, EE’95
  • Tina E. Gaines, EE’89
  • Mark R. Hoffman, EE’86
  • Marcus A. Huggans, EE’96, MS EMgt’97, PhD EMgt’98
  • Kevin J. McEnery, EE’86
  • Michael E. McEnery, EE’85
  • Gregory A. O’Neill Jr., EE’65


  • Gerard Hart, EMgt’71


  • Andrea C. Dorr, AE’92
  • James R. Friend, ME’92, MS ME’94, PhD ME’98
  • L. Wayne Garrett, ME’72
  • Michael Ludwig, ME’78, MS EMgt’88, MS SysE’05
  • David C. McMindes, ME’88
  • Jeff Thornburg, AE’96


  • Laurie Behm, LSci’84, basketball and cross country
  • Donald Hahn, ME’72, baseball
  • David “Willie” Vonarx, CE’89, cross country
  • David Wisch, CE’75, MS CE’77, football


  • Dane L. Cantwell, PetE’85
  • Robert Duenckel, PetE’74
  • Matt Hinson, MinE’01
  • Braden Lusk, MinE’00, PhD MinE’06
  • Gary Pennell, MetE’96
  • Hans Karl Schmoldt, GGph’72, GeoE’78
  • Genevieve Bodnar Sutton, MetE’98, MinE’01
  • Greg Sutton, MinE’88
  • Ron Tyson, GeoE’91
  • Patrick Wagner, PetE’86, MS PetE’88
  • Steve Wunning, MetE’73

Not so lost in space

Missouri S&T teacher education students Marisa Tompkins (above, right), a sophomore in multidisciplinary studies and elementary education, and Frances Manahan, a junior in applied mathematics and secondary education, learned how to incorporate the study of outer space into lesson plans at the Space Foundation’s Space Symposium, held in April in Colorado Springs. [Read more…]

A gift without borders

David Heikkinen, ME’93, and Dr. Ann Rueff Heikkinen have deep Rolla roots. They met as students at Rolla Junior High School, and their mothers both worked for Missouri S&T. Virginia Heikkinen Callahan, Hist’88, worked in admissions and Chris Rueff in career services. [Read more…]

Alumni give back with Honeywell Harvesters

Harvesters is a local food bank that serves 26 counties in northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas. Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies (FM&T) participates in about one service event with Harvesters every month, and Missouri S&T alumni hold an event every March to celebrate St. Pat’s and give back to the community. [Read more…]

Reidmeyer receives new advocate award

Mary Reidmeyer, CerE’78, MS CerE’84, PhD CerE’89, teaching professor of ceramic engineering and outreach coordinator in materials science and engineering at Missouri S&T, is the inaugural recipient of the university’s Dr. Elizabeth Cummins Women’s Advocate Award. [Read more…]

Welcome to myMinerboard

Being a Miner has never been easier. Because now your account information is available on myMinerboard, your one-click, at-a-glance personal dashboard. Use myMinerboard to update your profile information, register for events, report your volunteer service, check your engagement overview or review your giving history. To view myMinerboard, go to You must be registered with the online community to access your account. Questions? Contact Patti Chism, director of advancement services, at or 573-341-4777.

Calling 1964–68 Miner Football Players

Gene Ricker, NDD’68, Bill Henehan, EE’68, and Bob Yates ask that all players of this era make a special effort to attend Homecoming this year.

For more information contact: Gene Ricker at 525-979-4035 or, Bill Henehan at 217-477-1451 or Bob Yates at 214-477-1451.

No pain, no gain

Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places, even in the middle of a Chicago street. [Read more…]