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We thank all of the generous donors who helped make Bertelsmeyer Hall a reality.

  • Richard J., ChE’61, and Shirley Agricola
  • Alycia Ahrens, ChE’01
  • Kelley Arrington, ChE’07
  • Denis Andrew, ChE’87, and Catherine C., ChE’87, Backer
  • Ernest Kelvin, ChE’81, and
    Angela Renae, EE’87, Banks
  • Robert Sean, ChE’96, and Lenca Bartel
  • Shirley Bauer, in memory of Dick Bauer, ChE’52
  • Joshua Kolett and Katelyn, ChE’08, Baygents-Kolett
  • James E. Bertelsmeyer, ChE’66
  • Sarah, ChE’87, and Daniel, ME’87, Bock
  • Boeing Foundation
  • Jason Brinker, ChE’97, and Josh Frey
  • John W. Brodhacker, ChE’44
  • Daniel Burtman, ChE’09
  • John, ChE’74, and Sharon Campbell
  • Howard M. Casselman, ChE’48
  • Chevron Corp.
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Mark A. Cox, ChE’06
  • Covidien
  • Michael “Terry” Doyle and
  • Kimberly Kay, ChE’82, Denney
  • Justin Louis DePauw, ChE’99
  • Brian, ChE’87, and Beth Donley
  • Roger, ME’65, and Sandy Dorf
  • Linda and Bipin, ChE’62, MS ChE’63, Doshi in memory of Frank H. Conrad
  • Emerson Process Management
  • ExxonMobil
  • Gary J., ChE’73, MS ChE’74, and Connie Fennewald
  • Fluor Foundation
  • James Allen, ChE’83, and Peggy Ann, MS Math’83, Folta
  • Eric W. Fryatt, ChE’01
  • Paul A., ChE’50, and Betty Haas
  • Gail (Dolan), ME’72, and Donald E. Hahn, ChE’82
  • Allan H. Harvey, ChE’83, and Paula Harvey
  • Gary W. Havener, Math’62, in memory of Dean Culnan, ChE’62, and Roger A. Schild, ChE’62
  • Marcus H. Hayer, ChE’10
  • Harry C. Hershey, ChE’60, MS ChE’63, PhD ChE’66
  • Daniel Edmond Jackson, ChE’90
  • George W., ChE’50, and Barbara Jamieson
  • Fred Kielhorn, ChE’87
  • Kraft Foods Inc.
  • Dale Anthony, ChE’82, and Joan (Fleming) Kyser
  • James R. Lattner, ChE’78
  • G. Glenn Lipscomb II, ChE’81, and Janet L., ChE’81, Hartley
  • Guy Mace, ChE’65
  • Mallinckrodt Inc.
  • Robert L. Martin, ChE’49, in memory of Virginia B. Martin
  • James M., ChE’45, and Judith McKelvey
  • Charles Lee, ChE’82, and Alana Meyer
  • Stephen G., EMgt’82, and Maureen E.
    (Murphy), ChE’82, Midgley
  • Ron, ChE’64, and Janice Miller
  • Mondelez International Foundation
  • Peggy Cahill Montana, ChE’76
  • MYNAH Technologies LLC
  • Bob, ChE’68, MS ChE’70, PhD ChE’74, and Ginny Pahl
  • Sue and Dennis, ChE’68, Parker
  • Gary K., ChE’60, PhD ChE’66, and Barbara R., Chem’61, MS Chem’65, PhD Chem’85, Patterson
  • Kent, ChE’82, and Ellen Peccola
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Phillips66
  • Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
  • Procter and Gamble Co.
  • Chad David, ChE’97, and Elizabeth Reimann
  • Rosemount Inc.
  • Stephen S. Schade, ChE’74, MS ChE’75
  • David, ChE’78, and Karen Scharf
  • Cornelia (Hecker), ChE’83, and Pete Schirber
  • Jeff, ChE’80, and Pat, ChE’80, Sheets
  • Shell Oil Co. Foundation
  • Robert E. Stevens, ChE’81
  • Barbara Stirrat in memory of Jay Stirrat, ChE’64, MS EMgt’74
  • Amanda L. Sutterer, ChE’09
  • Larry D., ChE’77, and Jane Swinney
  • Kent, ChE’63, and Sue Thoeni
  • Roger, ChE’71, and Jean Truitt
  • Kevin D., ChE’80, and Susan Watson
  • A.B. Westbrock
  • Kevin and Theresa, ChE’98, MS EMgt’02, Williams
  • Elizabeth Ann Willis, ChE’00
  • Kenneth W., ChE’60, and Ramona Wood
  • Daniel, ME’89, and Linda, ChE’88, Wright
  • Kenneth J., ChE’64, and Caroline Wulfert
  • John and Kathryn Ann (Wittler), ChE’86, Zeigler
  • 3M Foundation


Alumni of Influence

Three years ago Missouri S&T honored our first class of Alumni of Influence — alumni who, through their wisdom, discoveries, inventions and generosity, have made their mark on the world. This tradition will continue in 2016, when we gather to honor the next class of Alumni of Influence.

We’re looking to you, our alumni, for recommendations.

For nearly 145 years, graduates of what is now known as Missouri S&T have accomplished remarkable feats. Tell us about them at

By the numbers – Fall/Winter 2014

  • 86 – Missouri S&T’s rank in Money magazine. S&T was the top-ranked public university in Missouri. Money based its rankings on educational quality, affordability and career outcomes.
  • 3  – Missouri S&T’s rank among the nation’s engineering schools as reported in USA Today. The list, presented by College Factual, ranks colleges based on overall quality.
  • 47 – Missouri S&T’s ranking in Washington Monthly’s list of national universities that offer the “best bang for your buck.”
  • 7 – Solar Miner VIII’s place in the Formula Sun Grand Prix, held in Austin, Texas, in July. The Solar Car Team is already designing the car it will race in summer 2016.
  • $13.8 million – Funds Missouri S&T raised during the 2013–14 fiscal year, an increase of 36 percent over the previous year’s giving.
  • 304 – Record number of employers recruiting at the Fall 2014 Career Fair.

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Twice a day I drive by the corner of 11th and State streets. For years, the scene there was the same: a full parking lot across the street from the Chancellor’s Residence. Today, I pass the amazing 68,500-square-foot building that houses Missouri S&T’s chemical and biochemical engineering program. [Read more…]

Help us remember: 150 years of Miner Legacy

The year 2020 will mark Missouri S&T’s sesquicentennial celebration. A special commemorative book is being planned for the occasion and we need your help. Please share remembrances of your alma mater and you may see your story in the book. All stories will be shared with the University Archives. Email your stories to We look forward to hearing from you!

In print

Kathleen Drowne, associate professor of English and technical communication, is the author of Understanding Richard Russo. Published in July by the University of South Carolina Press, the book explores themes and writing techniques contemporary American novelist Richard Russo uses in his works.

Matt O’Keefe, MetE’85, professor of materials science and engineering; Bill Fahrenholtz, Curators’ Professor of materials science and engineering; and James O. Stoffer, professor emeritus of chemistry, co-authored a chapter in the book Rare Earth-Based Corrosion Inhibitors with Eric Morris, PhD Chem’00. The book was published in August by Woodhead Publishing Series in Metals and Surface Engineering.

Trent Watts, associate professor of English and technical communication, co-authored a book titled Ed King’s Mississippi: Behind the Scenes of Freedom Summer, published in October by University Press of Mississippi. The book documents the 1964 summer Ed King, a white Methodist minister, spent with Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights workers attempting to get black Mississippians registered to vote.

Letters – Fall/Winter 2014

Dear Editor,

I first read your article “Where’s Dave” in Missouri S&T Magazine during my freshman year in 2009. At that time I was looking for motivation and a direction for my future. Of all the material I had read while searching for my dream career, I found this article to be the most inspiring; I decided I wanted to travel in Dave McCann’s footsteps. My career needed not be with GE, but would simply allow me to interact directly with people of many different cultures while solving technical problems. I still reread the article now and again to remind myself of the end goal. I would like to contact Dave McCann, so if you could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Evan Carroll, senior in mechanical engineering, Clarence, Mo.

Editor’s note: Dave McCann, ME’79, was featured in the Summer 2009 “Miners Around the World” issue. We forwarded Evan’s note to Dave. Here is his response:

Dear Editor,

Wow! What a nice and unexpected honor to know that my story has provided inspiration for a young person interested in following a similar path in life. Thanks for forwarding his message to me. I will contact Evan directly, and hope that I can provide him with some insights. And just in case you are interested, I retired last year, and have continued to travel and explore new places and cultures. I came back to Jeff City to attend my 40-year high school reunion and celebrate my dad’s 87th birthday, but I just got back from my first-ever trip to Costa Rica, where I spent the month of May sightseeing. My favorite moment was spotting a wild toucan in the trees just above me one afternoon while I was watching the sun set over a little beachside village. Life is good. 🙂

Dave McCann, ME’79, Jefferson City, Mo.

Dear Editor,

I just received the latest issue of Missouri S&T Magazine and while reading through it I noticed that on page 22 in “by the numbers” it says the baseball team has 608 wins since its inception in 1966. I take exception to that because I was part of the first baseball team that played in the spring of 1965. So this year would be the 50th year. We were 6-6 that first year. I even have the school newspaper that mentions that record. I always felt that we didn’t get any recognition for that year and it seems like we’ve been forgotten. I hope you can rectify this error. We would start each practice on the third base line and walk the infield to pick up any rocks on the infield.

Mike Hahn, ME’70, Florissant, Mo.

Editor’s note: You are correct, Mike. The Miners played as an independent team in 1965, one year before joining the MIAA Conference in 1966. We apologize for the error. Thank you for setting us straight.

What is your best spring break memory?

Some college students spend spring break lounging on a beach. Others help rebuild a small town after a natural disaster or trek the Continental Divide. We asked about your favorite spring break experiences. Here is what you told us.

[Read more…]

Seeking inventors

Help us find Rolla alumni who have demonstrated ingenuity and innovation through their inventions. Missouri S&T Magazine is compiling a list of alumni who saw a need and created something to meet it. Below is a list of alumni inventors we’ve heard from so far. Don’t see your name listed? Help us out by completing this short online survey. [Read more…]

Coming soon: 450 new beds

In June, the University of Missouri Board of Curators approved a proposal to replace the aging residence halls in the Quadrangle with a new apartment-style housing complex. The curators approved $30 million in revenue bond financing for the project, which will add housing for 450 students and remove more than $35 million in deferred maintenance from the books.

The new facility will be built at the northeast corner of the intersection of University Drive and U.S. Interstate 44, near the site of Missouri S&T’s Residential College buildings. The Ɋuad buildings will be razed and plans call for that area to be used for additional campus parking. Those plans could be reevaluated, however, and the site could be considered for campus housing if needed.