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On November 24, 2014

We thank all of the generous donors who helped make Bertelsmeyer Hall a reality.

  • Richard J., ChE’61, and Shirley Agricola
  • Alycia Ahrens, ChE’01
  • Kelley Arrington, ChE’07
  • Denis Andrew, ChE’87, and Catherine C., ChE’87, Backer
  • Ernest Kelvin, ChE’81, and
    Angela Renae, EE’87, Banks
  • Robert Sean, ChE’96, and Lenca Bartel
  • Shirley Bauer, in memory of Dick Bauer, ChE’52
  • Joshua Kolett and Katelyn, ChE’08, Baygents-Kolett
  • James E. Bertelsmeyer, ChE’66
  • Sarah, ChE’87, and Daniel, ME’87, Bock
  • Boeing Foundation
  • Jason Brinker, ChE’97, and Josh Frey
  • John W. Brodhacker, ChE’44
  • Daniel Burtman, ChE’09
  • John, ChE’74, and Sharon Campbell
  • Howard M. Casselman, ChE’48
  • Chevron Corp.
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Mark A. Cox, ChE’06
  • Covidien
  • Michael “Terry” Doyle and
  • Kimberly Kay, ChE’82, Denney
  • Justin Louis DePauw, ChE’99
  • Brian, ChE’87, and Beth Donley
  • Roger, ME’65, and Sandy Dorf
  • Linda and Bipin, ChE’62, MS ChE’63, Doshi in memory of Frank H. Conrad
  • Emerson Process Management
  • ExxonMobil
  • Gary J., ChE’73, MS ChE’74, and Connie Fennewald
  • Fluor Foundation
  • James Allen, ChE’83, and Peggy Ann, MS Math’83, Folta
  • Eric W. Fryatt, ChE’01
  • Paul A., ChE’50, and Betty Haas
  • Gail (Dolan), ME’72, and Donald E. Hahn, ChE’82
  • Allan H. Harvey, ChE’83, and Paula Harvey
  • Gary W. Havener, Math’62, in memory of Dean Culnan, ChE’62, and Roger A. Schild, ChE’62
  • Marcus H. Hayer, ChE’10
  • Harry C. Hershey, ChE’60, MS ChE’63, PhD ChE’66
  • Daniel Edmond Jackson, ChE’90
  • George W., ChE’50, and Barbara Jamieson
  • Fred Kielhorn, ChE’87
  • Kraft Foods Inc.
  • Dale Anthony, ChE’82, and Joan (Fleming) Kyser
  • James R. Lattner, ChE’78
  • G. Glenn Lipscomb II, ChE’81, and Janet L., ChE’81, Hartley
  • Guy Mace, ChE’65
  • Mallinckrodt Inc.
  • Robert L. Martin, ChE’49, in memory of Virginia B. Martin
  • James M., ChE’45, and Judith McKelvey
  • Charles Lee, ChE’82, and Alana Meyer
  • Stephen G., EMgt’82, and Maureen E.
    (Murphy), ChE’82, Midgley
  • Ron, ChE’64, and Janice Miller
  • Mondelez International Foundation
  • Peggy Cahill Montana, ChE’76
  • MYNAH Technologies LLC
  • Bob, ChE’68, MS ChE’70, PhD ChE’74, and Ginny Pahl
  • Sue and Dennis, ChE’68, Parker
  • Gary K., ChE’60, PhD ChE’66, and Barbara R., Chem’61, MS Chem’65, PhD Chem’85, Patterson
  • Kent, ChE’82, and Ellen Peccola
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Phillips66
  • Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
  • Procter and Gamble Co.
  • Chad David, ChE’97, and Elizabeth Reimann
  • Rosemount Inc.
  • Stephen S. Schade, ChE’74, MS ChE’75
  • David, ChE’78, and Karen Scharf
  • Cornelia (Hecker), ChE’83, and Pete Schirber
  • Jeff, ChE’80, and Pat, ChE’80, Sheets
  • Shell Oil Co. Foundation
  • Robert E. Stevens, ChE’81
  • Barbara Stirrat in memory of Jay Stirrat, ChE’64, MS EMgt’74
  • Amanda L. Sutterer, ChE’09
  • Larry D., ChE’77, and Jane Swinney
  • Kent, ChE’63, and Sue Thoeni
  • Roger, ChE’71, and Jean Truitt
  • Kevin D., ChE’80, and Susan Watson
  • A.B. Westbrock
  • Kevin and Theresa, ChE’98, MS EMgt’02, Williams
  • Elizabeth Ann Willis, ChE’00
  • Kenneth W., ChE’60, and Ramona Wood
  • Daniel, ME’89, and Linda, ChE’88, Wright
  • Kenneth J., ChE’64, and Caroline Wulfert
  • John and Kathryn Ann (Wittler), ChE’86, Zeigler
  • 3M Foundation


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