Learning outside the classroom

While Stephen Grelle sorted through his CD collection in his new room in UMR’s Residential College, his girlfriend, Emilie Lueker, was thrilled that her spacious abode, one floor above Grelle’s, accommodated a collection of another sort.
“The rooms are big, and I have space for all my shoes,” she says, opening her closet to reveal a stack of flip-flops.

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Happy trees

trees.jpgTo paraphrase the late painter Bob Ross, who made a living making landscapes come to life on public television, “Maybe a happy tree lives right over here…” Well, from crab apples to dogwoods, from oaks to maples, the UMR campus now has more than 3,000 happy trees.

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Cultivating curb appeal

Visitors to UMR no longer follow a beaten path to campus – and the university couldn’t be happier. The once homely, well-worn passage known as University Drive was transformed this year into an attractive entryway that welcomes travelers from U.S. Interstate 44, guiding them into the heart of campus.

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Modern masterpieces

Two sculptures on the UMR campus that celebrate the passage of time – Stonehenge and the Millennium Arch – were recently joined by MSM-UMR 20th Century, a new mural by Jack Guth, CE’50, that portrays scenes from campus history.

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Center of attention

There’s something slightly justified about the name of UMR’s new student and campus center, named after Gary Havener, the 1962 UMR mathematics graduate whose $5 million gift to UMR helped make the student haven a reality.

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A whole new ball game


John F. (Jack) Carney III

Eleven months ago, John F. (Jack) Carney III was wearing his trademark Boston Red Sox cap around the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass., with more pride than usual. And that’s saying something, because Carney, a lifelong Red Sox fan who grew up idolizing Ted Williams, is known for wearing his passion for Boston baseball on his sleeve as well as his head.

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High-impact research

Pictured above, one of Carney’s devices in St. Louis.)

When it comes to traffic safety research, Jack Carney is no crash-test dummy. An international expert on impact attenuation devices, Carney holds 10 patents in this area of research.

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The quest for a new chancellor

The quest to find a new UMR chancellor began just days after former Chancellor Gary Thomas’ Sept. 1, 2004, announcement that he would retire in August 2005.

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A family guy

Jack Carney’s ability to balance work and family life impressed many of his colleagues at WPI. “Jack always balanced a very heavy workload here but always found time to spend with his family,” says Laurie Smith, an assistant to Carney when he was WPI provost. “He was very busy,” adds Kent J. Rissmiller, an associate professor of social science and policy studies at WPI, “but he would walk home to lunch with his wife many days – not every day, but most days.” So who are the people in this family Carney holds so dear? Here’s a snapshot:

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You don’t know Jack!

You’ll get to know Jack Carney a little better over Homecoming Weekend. Until then, put your knowledge – and your instincts – to the test.