Making stronger concrete with fly ash

Portland cement has been around for over 250 years as the binding material for concrete, mortar and stucco, but Mohamed ElGawady says replacing it with fly ash can make concrete more durable, stronger and more resilient.

ElGawady is working with the Missouri Department of Transportation to improve the state’s concrete bridges and extend their service life beyond the typical 75 years. Zero‑cement (ZC) concrete resists shrinkage cracking and freeze/thaw damage common with conventional concrete mixtures.

It also cures faster. ZC concrete reaches its compressive strength in less than 24 hours compared to the 28 to 56 days required by conventional concrete. It also shows high resistance to freezing and thawing, corrosion, elevated temperatures, fire, salt and acid or alkaline environments, as well as very low permeability and high tensile strength.

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A decade from now, your smartphone won’t look anything like it does today — at least on the inside.

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Lecture series brings chemistry grads full circle

James O. Stoffer wanted to give Missouri S&T students a chance to learn from eminent scholars and innovators in polymer chemistry and related areas. So last fall the Curators’ Distinguished Professor emeritus of chemistry established a lecture series to showcase his former students and inspire current ones.

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Fueling space flight

It started with a boyhood dream of becoming an astronaut fueled from watching the 1995 Hollywood portrayal of the ill‑fated Apollo 13 lunar mission.

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Record gift for EWB

From clean drinking water to flood control, Missouri S&T students participating in Engineers Without Borders (EWB) are changing lives in Central and South America.

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Million-dollar gift supports scholarships

Steve Wunning, ME’73, has established a $1 million scholarship endowment at Missouri S&T: the Steven H. and Lyneve C. Wunning Scholarship Fund.

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