Thank you!

We thank all of the generous donors who helped make Bertelsmeyer Hall a reality.

  • Richard J., ChE’61, and Shirley Agricola
  • Alycia Ahrens, ChE’01
  • Kelley Arrington, ChE’07
  • Denis Andrew, ChE’87, and Catherine C., ChE’87, Backer
  • Ernest Kelvin, ChE’81, and
    Angela Renae, EE’87, Banks
  • Robert Sean, ChE’96, and Lenca Bartel
  • Shirley Bauer, in memory of Dick Bauer, ChE’52
  • Joshua Kolett and Katelyn, ChE’08, Baygents-Kolett
  • James E. Bertelsmeyer, ChE’66
  • Sarah, ChE’87, and Daniel, ME’87, Bock
  • Boeing Foundation
  • Jason Brinker, ChE’97, and Josh Frey
  • John W. Brodhacker, ChE’44
  • Daniel Burtman, ChE’09
  • John, ChE’74, and Sharon Campbell
  • Howard M. Casselman, ChE’48
  • Chevron Corp.
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Mark A. Cox, ChE’06
  • Covidien
  • Michael “Terry” Doyle and
  • Kimberly Kay, ChE’82, Denney
  • Justin Louis DePauw, ChE’99
  • Brian, ChE’87, and Beth Donley
  • Roger, ME’65, and Sandy Dorf
  • Linda and Bipin, ChE’62, MS ChE’63, Doshi in memory of Frank H. Conrad
  • Emerson Process Management
  • ExxonMobil
  • Gary J., ChE’73, MS ChE’74, and Connie Fennewald
  • Fluor Foundation
  • James Allen, ChE’83, and Peggy Ann, MS Math’83, Folta
  • Eric W. Fryatt, ChE’01
  • Paul A., ChE’50, and Betty Haas
  • Gail (Dolan), ME’72, and Donald E. Hahn, ChE’82
  • Allan H. Harvey, ChE’83, and Paula Harvey
  • Gary W. Havener, Math’62, in memory of Dean Culnan, ChE’62, and Roger A. Schild, ChE’62
  • Marcus H. Hayer, ChE’10
  • Harry C. Hershey, ChE’60, MS ChE’63, PhD ChE’66
  • Daniel Edmond Jackson, ChE’90
  • George W., ChE’50, and Barbara Jamieson
  • Fred Kielhorn, ChE’87
  • Kraft Foods Inc.
  • Dale Anthony, ChE’82, and Joan (Fleming) Kyser
  • James R. Lattner, ChE’78
  • G. Glenn Lipscomb II, ChE’81, and Janet L., ChE’81, Hartley
  • Guy Mace, ChE’65
  • Mallinckrodt Inc.
  • Robert L. Martin, ChE’49, in memory of Virginia B. Martin
  • James M., ChE’45, and Judith McKelvey
  • Charles Lee, ChE’82, and Alana Meyer
  • Stephen G., EMgt’82, and Maureen E.
    (Murphy), ChE’82, Midgley
  • Ron, ChE’64, and Janice Miller
  • Mondelez International Foundation
  • Peggy Cahill Montana, ChE’76
  • MYNAH Technologies LLC
  • Bob, ChE’68, MS ChE’70, PhD ChE’74, and Ginny Pahl
  • Sue and Dennis, ChE’68, Parker
  • Gary K., ChE’60, PhD ChE’66, and Barbara R., Chem’61, MS Chem’65, PhD Chem’85, Patterson
  • Kent, ChE’82, and Ellen Peccola
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Phillips66
  • Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
  • Procter and Gamble Co.
  • Chad David, ChE’97, and Elizabeth Reimann
  • Rosemount Inc.
  • Stephen S. Schade, ChE’74, MS ChE’75
  • David, ChE’78, and Karen Scharf
  • Cornelia (Hecker), ChE’83, and Pete Schirber
  • Jeff, ChE’80, and Pat, ChE’80, Sheets
  • Shell Oil Co. Foundation
  • Robert E. Stevens, ChE’81
  • Barbara Stirrat in memory of Jay Stirrat, ChE’64, MS EMgt’74
  • Amanda L. Sutterer, ChE’09
  • Larry D., ChE’77, and Jane Swinney
  • Kent, ChE’63, and Sue Thoeni
  • Roger, ChE’71, and Jean Truitt
  • Kevin D., ChE’80, and Susan Watson
  • A.B. Westbrock
  • Kevin and Theresa, ChE’98, MS EMgt’02, Williams
  • Elizabeth Ann Willis, ChE’00
  • Kenneth W., ChE’60, and Ramona Wood
  • Daniel, ME’89, and Linda, ChE’88, Wright
  • Kenneth J., ChE’64, and Caroline Wulfert
  • John and Kathryn Ann (Wittler), ChE’86, Zeigler
  • 3M Foundation


Around the Puck

Generous partners complete ACML fundraising

Thanks to an investment from the University of Missouri System, major gifts from industry partners and alumni support, S&T will break ground on the Advanced Construction and Materials Laboratory (ACML) on Oct. 12, during Homecoming weekend.

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Alumni help with sesquicentennial planning

Seven alumni, including three Miner Alumni Association board members, have been named to Missouri S&T’s sesquicentennial advisory committee. The group is made up of graduates, students, faculty, staff and community members who are involved in planning the university’s upcoming 150th anniversary celebration.

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Using big data to reduce childbirth risks

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, complications during pregnancy or childbirth affect more than 50,000 women annually, and about 700 of them die every year. Steve Corns, associate professor of engineering management and systems engineering, is working with researchers from Phelps County Regional Medical Center through the Ozarks Biomedical Initiative to reduce […]

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Bogan solves Benton mural mystery

Missouri State Capitol muralist Thomas Hart Benton wrote in his memoir about being called into then-Gov. Guy Park’s office and told that a prominent St. Louis politician objected to Benton’s portrayal of black people, especially depictions of slavery.

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Breaking bias

According to Jessica Cundiff, assistant professor of psychological science at S&T, women who consider careers in the physical sciences, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields are deterred by stereotypes that impose barriers on the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in STEM.

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