St. Louis section – June 26 Scholarship Golf Tournament

Wolf Hollow Golf Club – Labadie, Mo.
The tournament raised $1,600 for the St. Louis Section Endowed Scholarship for S&T students – thank you.

Attendees included:
Mark Abernathy ’80; Spencer ’01 and Bridget ’01 Allen; Dave Amelotti; Chris Beer; Brian Bell ’88; Bob Berry ’72; Jack Bertelsmeyer ’70; Robert Bibb ’03; Chris Boone ’90; Austin Borgard; Mike Bogard ’86; Matt Bright; Steve Brunts ’78; Mike Brynac ’66; Ken Busch ’72; Gregg Carlson ’77; Chris Carpenter ’85; Bryan Cassity ’86; Jack Cassity; Kevin Christiansen; Calvin Curdt ’74; Dave Dearth ’68; David DeWeese ’81; Don ’75 and Mary Dierker; Kevin Dierker; Randy Dreiling ’81; John Eash ’79, ’90; Terry Etwistle ’83; Hank ’64, ’66 and Mary Fischer; Kent Fujiwara; Leigh Anne Fulkerson; Gene Gaddy; Kent Goddard ’81; Scott Goddard; Susan Graf ’83; Ray Green; Ron Halbach ’65; Dan Haar; Tom Herrmann ’50; Greg Hicks ’76, ’80; Chris Hooley; Jeff Hoyt ’89; Jeff Hughes; Don Hunt ’81; Mike Hutchison; Keith Jozwiak; Phil Jozwiak ’66; Scott Jozwiak; Dave Keller; Don Keller; Don Keller Jr. ’79; Chris Killian ’70; Stan Kirkendall; Jeff Kokal ’98 ’00; Keith Conradi ’72; Ben Kuenzel ’01; Stan Kurkendall; Steve Lamitola ’99; Brenda Liescheidt ’78; Dustin Loeffler; Matt Madrid; Dale Martin; Carol McCarthy; John McCarthy III; John McCarthy IV; Bob Mitchell ’78; Todd Monroe ’03; Jesse Moran ’07; Don Morris; John Murry; Milton Murry ’64, ’80; Doug Niermeyer ’89; Joe Norris ’82; Niel Palmer ’77 ’81; Jon ’01 and Megan ’02 Pardeck; Jonathan Press ’00; Larry Probst ’71; Steve Probst ’73; Elliott Reed ’01; Jason Reed ’99; Chris ’04 and Sarah ’03, ’06 Reeves; Scott Roddy ’85; Rich Roser ’81; Scott Rush ’98; Fred Sansone; Jon Schneider ’87; Tom Schneider ’75; Jeff Shiner ’98, ’05; Gerry Stevenson ’59, ’63; Howard Stine ’67, ’70; Bill Stoltz ’68; David Strubberg ’81; David Strubberg Jr.; Dave Suiter ’74, ’99; Rob Sutton ’98, ’00; Mike Svoboda ’70, ’71; Ray Tauser ’56; Ed Tauser; Steve Tauser; Pete Telthorst ’88; Lea Ann Thompson ’02; Chris Turner; Jon Vaninger ’63; Raymond Veit ’92; Rich Waldrop; Bob Welsch ’98, ’06; Doug Workman ’71; Dennis Yeh ’90; and Robert Zinselmeyer ’88. Missouri S&T representatives: Marianne Ward and Nancy Zamazanuk.

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By the numbers: Fall/Winter 2018

8,607 Students enrolled for the fall semester at Missouri S&T. Classes started Aug. 20. 91 Percentage of first-year freshmen who receive scholarships and financial aid.

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Making tornado alley safer

Growing up in northeast China, Guirong “Grace” Yan didn’t see many tornados in a country where the number of documented twisters is a fraction of those that hit the United States. But as her academic career took Yan to several postdoctoral fellowships and then faculty positions in Indiana, Missouri and Texas, the assistant professor of […]

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Living laboratory houses lead battery research

This past November, Missouri S&T installed two new advanced lead battery microgrid systems at the EcoVillage, a “living laboratory” that is home to S&T’s solar-powered homes.

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Partners for progress

An expansion of the partnership between Missouri S&T and Missouri State University will allow students to pursue a mechanical engineering degree on the Missouri State campus with courses taught by faculty from both institutions. Students began applying this fall. The program will begin in fall 2019.

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Chancellor search is underway

This past August, University of Missouri President Mun Choi announced the formation of a 23-member committee to lead a nationwide search for a chancellor at Missouri S&T.

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