A century of St. Pats

The more things change, the more they stay the Best Ever.

St. Patrick lived roughly 1,600 years ago and historians will tell you he wasn’t really Irish – he was probably Welsh. Legend has it that he was kidnapped as a teenager by pirates and taken to Ireland, where he was enslaved. He escaped and eventually became the patron saint of Ireland. (After becoming a Bishop, he went back to Ireland and ultimately died there.) He was never an engineer and there haven’t been snakes in Ireland since before the last ice age.

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A tradition of love and beauties

“I have nothing to do with it. You’ll have to ask Mary.” That was Sarah McCrae’s response in 1916 when a caller asked if her daughter would serve as the first Queen of Love and Beauty elected by the junior class at MSM. (Technically, the first queen, Helen Baysinger, the daughter of a Board of Curators member, was crowned in 1915, but had not been elected.)

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Schedule of Events: 100th Best Ever

Get on your green and join UMR for an event 100 years in the making at this year’s Best Ever St. Pat’s, starting Monday, March 3.

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No. 4: He loves to tell the story

On Lance Haynes’ first day as an assistant professor of speech and media studies back in 1984, his colleagues took him to lunch in the old University Center-East cafeteria. As they walked across campus, Haynes noticed students walking around in green jackets, which seemed unusual in such warm weather.

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The street painting gang

Every year at dawn on this special day, a procession of figures wearing green jackets (some of them showing quite a bit of wear) makes its way toward Pine Street.

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Go ask Alice? We would if we could

For more than four decades, students chosen to become knights of St. Patrick underwent a baptism into a pool of soupy, slimy concoction that came to be known as “Alice.”

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Fitz: St. Pat’s man behind the lens

Bob Fitzsimmons was a high school freshman when he started working part time for the Rolla Daily News in 1956.

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Cover mosaic

Photomosaic of St. PatsThe cover image of the Winter 2007 issue is a Photomosaic (R) of the shamrock that adorns the jacket worn for decades by St. Pat’s Committee members. It features 1,150 unique images of St. Pat’s through the years. The Photomosaic was created by artist Robert Silvers. See more of Silvers’ work at www.photomosaic.com.

The Best Ever in the worst conditions

Even in war time, UMR alumni will find a way to celebrate the Best Ever. For an article that appeared in a 1991 issue of the magazine, MSM-UMR Alumnus staff interviewed Gene Boyt, ME’41, about his experiences meeting up with two MSM alumni as prisoners of war in the Philippines during World War II.

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Kelly green

While stationed in Africa during World War II, Thomas W. Kelly Jr., MetE’40, wrote a will establishing an MSM scholarship fund with money he inherited from his uncle.

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