Q&A: Did you have a campus job?

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On December 5, 2019

As part of his research for the S&T 150th anniversary history book, Larry Gragg, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor emeritus of history and political science, asked if you had a job on campus, where you worked and what you learned from the experience. Here are a few of your answers:

“I worked over two years in the Cloud Physics Research Lab. It was a fabulous job! I learned so many things, from using machine tools to laying out circuit boards, silk-screening and etching them, and then populating the boards with parts to support the research projects. We made hundreds of temperature sensors using reverse-biased transistor base/emitter junctions which were then embedded in the walls of the cloud chambers. Our graduate student bosses were the best to work with.”

Robert Brandt, EE’76
Garland, Texas

“I was a charter member of the Campus Club, and was elected to a one-semester term as secretary-treasurer. I learned to be a politician and to campaign. I endeavored to meet and befriend every member of the club, thus establishing a voter base to elect me to office. I also worked 20 hours per week at the campus police headquarters manning the dispatch microphone, logging events and duties, and contacting officers. I also answered the phone and serviced walk-in traffic. I learned respect and appreciation for campus security and how to be an intermediary between the public and the university.”

Russell J. Warchola, GGph’67
Billings, Mont.

“I bartended for Chancellor Merl Baker when he had dinner parties and held receptions in his home. Met many successful people (some graduates of MSM) and observed how successful folks interact in this type of social situation. The money was good and the education priceless.”

Rich Freeman, CE’70, MS EMgt’75
Leland, N.C.

“I was the second station manager of MSM’s first radio station, KMSM-FM 89.7 (now KMNR). I worked on the staff of the radio station 1963–67. Though I had inclinations in broadcast radio in my high school days, actually running a real over-the-air radio station was valuable in my post-college days when I was general manager of KGNV-FM in Washington, Mo., and KGNN-AM/FM in Cuba, Mo., as well as the Christian radio consultant.”

Ken Bowles, EE’66
Union, Mo.

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