Alumni take leadership roles in association

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On December 5, 2019

During their annual Homecoming meeting on Oct. 5, members of the Miner Alumni Association board of directors approved the following new and returning board members:


Jeremy Bylo, EMgt’14, director-at-large (first term)

Kathryn Crinnian, EnvE’13, Area 3 director (first term)

Paul Hirtz, EMgt’95, MS EMgt’97, PhD EMgt’02, Areas 10–18 director (first term)

Ted Kelly, Econ’77, Areas 10–18 director (first term)

Ian Lee, EMgt’14, Area 22 director (first term)

Dennis Leitterman, EE’76, MS EE’77, Area 23 director (first term)

Michael Party, GGph’78, Area 20 director (first term)

Richard Szevery, MetE’02, Area 9 director (first term)

Stephanie Vogt, EE’03, MS EMgt’05, Areas 10–18 director (first term)


David W. Heineck, ChE’79, Area 24 director

Joshua Hoffman, MinE’07, Area 2 director

Rhonda Pautler, MetE’87, Area 1 director

Carl Schmitz, IST’10, Areas 10–18 director


Many thanks to the departing members of the Miner Alumni Association board of directors for their dedication and loyalty to the association and Missouri S&T:

Elizabeth Baumbach, CerE’90, Areas 10–18 director

John Campbell, ChE’74, Area 20 director

Michael Gross, MetE’88, MS MetE’94, Area 9 director

Pete Heerboth, CSci’03, Area 23 director

Kimberly Morrison, GeoE’96, Area 22 director

Steven Puzach, CE’09, Areas 10–18 director

Daniel Ryan, ME’12, Area 3 director

George Schindler, EE’73, director-at-large

Chad Vail, ChE’05, Areas 10–18 director

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