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Miners represented at national meet

Missouri S&T had three representatives at the NCAA Division II Track & Field Championships in Walnut, Calif., May 22-24, led by All-American Jordan Henry, who entered the meet as the fifth-ranked pole vaulter in the nation with a top mark of 17 feet.
Henry, the national runner-up in the indoor season, was joined by fellow pole vaulter Peter Hollenbeck, while Tamara McCaskill represented the women’s team in California. Hollenbeck cleared 16-3 1⁄2 this season and McCaskill had a top mark of 5-7 in the high jump. At the time the magazine went to press, results were not available.

A No. 1 tool for early cancer detection

If Yinfa Ma’s res­earch holds up, pregnant women and those on probation won’t be the only ones asked to pee in a cup. Ma, Curators’ Teaching Professor of chemistry, has developed a non-invasive instrument for pre-cancer screening that uses urine samples to detect cancer in the body and predict the cancer’s type and severity using a group of biomarkers.

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Tiny is terrific

The ultrasmall holds huge possibilities for the future if you ask Julia E. Medvedeva, assistant professor of physics.

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Where’s the beef?

cowThe famous line delivered by Paul Newman in the movie Cool Hand Luke could summarize David Wright’s last three years of cattle industry research: “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

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A change in power

High-tech military gear, carried by soldiers along with the 20 to 40 pounds of batteries they require, one day could have a lighter-than-air power source.

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­Blocks made from scratch (and scraps)

<div align="left" style="width:300px;float:right;padding:10px;"John Myers
John Myers with wood fibers and fly ash used to create an environmentally friendly constuction material. Photo by B.A. RupertJohn Myers can’t say no to leftovers, particularly when fly ash or wood fibers are on the plate.

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