Challenge fund provides 1-to-2 match for donors

Thanks to a generous gift from the estate of the late Beverly Koeppel, EE’38, alumni donations to the Hasselmann Alumni House can now be even more valuable. Missouri S&T Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader recently designated the $500,000 unrestricted bequest to be used as a challenge grant to attract additional contributions for the alumni house. The Koeppel Challenge will provide $1 of matching money for every $2 an alum gives to the Hasselmann Alumni House for gifts of $25,000 and above.

This means that donors interested in making gifts to the project may now claim naming opportunities for one-third less money. For example, a gift of $200,000, matched by $100,000 from the Koeppel estate, would fully fund the Hasselmann Alumni House courtyard.

When completed, the Koeppel Challenge will bring the alumni association $1.5 million closer to the goal of completing the Hasselmann Alumni House.

“Missouri S&T and the Miner Alumni Association are partners in ensuring that S&T remains vibrant and relevant well into the future, and the Hasselmann Alumni House will play a pivotal role in that future success,” says Schrader. “This matching fund represents not only the pride we have in our alumni and their legacy but also the importance placed on engaging our alumni in shaping S&T’s future.”

Remaining naming opportunities Original gift amount Gift amount with match
1. St. Pat’s Veranda $500,000 $333,333
2. Great Room $500,000 $333,333
3. Grand Hall (half) $375,000 $250,000
4. Courtyard $300,000 $200,000
5. Gazebo $250,000 $166,667
6. Kitchen $200,000 $133,333
7. Head Table in Grand Hall $150,000 $100,000
8. Grand Staircase $150,000 $100,000
9. Porte-cochere $100,000 $66,667
10. Elevator $100,000 $66,667
11. Exterior Plaza $75,000 $50,000
12. Staircase, SE $50,000 $33,333
13. STAT Office $50,000 $33,333
14. Archive Case (3) $50,000 $33,333
15. Office (2) $50,000 $33,333
16. Recycling Center $25,000 $16,667

To find out how to take advantage of this matching gift fund, contact Darlene Ramsay, MetE’84, of the Miner Alumni Association at 573-341-4584.

With thanks to those donors who have already given

Alumni Lounge

  •    John O. Farmer III (named in honor of John O. Farmer)


  •    Shirley Bauer (named in honor of Dick Bauer)

Bar Stools

  •   John and Marie Eash
  •   David Grimm
  •   Bill and Ann Horst
  •   Riley and Helene Hardy Pierce
  •   Chris and Darlene Ramsay
  •   Dottye Wolf (named in honor of Robert Wolf)
  •   Joan and James Woodard

Board Room

  •    Roller Family

Director’s Office

  •    Susan and Sandy Rothschild


  •    Fred and June Kummer

Grand Hall (half)

  •    Pete Kinyon

Hall of Honor

  •    Michael W. Bytnar
  •    Robert H. Harper  (joint gift named in honor of Paul T. Dowling)

Historic Emblems

  •    Ron Tappmeyer
  •    Art Giesler

Office Hub

  •    Bayless Family


  •    Robert Brackbill (named in honor of Cay Brackbill)
  •    Billy Gerhart
  •    William and June Patterson

Parking Space

  •    Rich Eimer

Restroom Facilities

  •    Pi Kappa Alpha
  •    Tau Kappa Epsilon

Welcome Center

  •    Berry Family

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  1. […] designated a $500,000 estate gift from the late Beverly Koeppel, EE’38, to be used as a challenge grant to attract additional funding for the alumni […]