Student life: No. 59-81

S&T students usually spend about 16 hours per week in class or labs. Then there’s homework and cramming for tests – but there’s still time left for fun.

59_StudentDesignTeams.jpgNo. 59: Student design teams
S&T’s championship Solar Car Team has driven thousands of miles on zero gallons of gas. And other teams housed in the Kummer Student Design Center have done things like make concrete canoes that float, launch high-altitude rockets, and win national titles in human-powered vehicle racing.

No. 60: Swimming team
A perennial finisher among the top 10 teams in NCAA Division II, Miner swimmers have claimed three top-four finishes in the last five years. The program has had four national championship performances in the last decade.

No. 61: SUB entertainment and gaming
From organizing scavenger hunts and gaming tournaments to hosting movies, musicians, poets and comedians, Student Union Board reps work hard to make sure S&T students have plenty to do in their downtime.

No. 62: The Missouri Miner
Containing news, sports, movie and theater reviews, the ever-popular dot game and cartoons geared toward techy types, this weekly newspaper is written, edited and published by S&T students.

No. 63: KMNR
Located at 89.7 on the FM dial, this
free-format student-run station brings much needed edginess to Rolla airwaves. Listen online at

No. 64: KMST
Our public radio station serves up a little bit of everything, including NPR and other national programs, and a wide range of music. Where else can you find bluegrass, classical and talk radio all on one station? Check it out at 88.5 FM or online at

No. 65: BBQ Club
Generating delectable aromas on campus since 2007.

66_EWB.jpgNo. 66: Engineers Without Borders
Helping disadvantaged communities access clean water and making other life-saving improvements, EWB takes students to areas where their skills transform people’s lives.


No. 67: Eating clubs
They may not be around anymore, but eating clubs kept many a Miner well-fed and happy over the years.

No. 68: Spelunkers
Adventurous types can get really intimate with the hills of the Ozarks — as long as they don’t disturb the critters or cave formations they find.

69_MinerAthletics.jpgNo. 69: Miner athletics
With 13 varsity sports, plus club sports like skydiving and cycling and intramurals like dodge ball and weightlifting, almost every student can find a way to get in the game.


No. 70: Party weekends
S&T students have a history of working hard — and partying hard.

No. 71: No. 42
According to author Douglas Adams, “42 is a nice number that you can take home and introduce to your family.” It’s also, of course, the answer to everything — which is why it’s always the number given to each new solar car built at S&T.

No. 72: Campus Christian Fellowship
Offering its members retreats, mission trips and intramural sports, this group gives students a chance to grow outside the classroom.

No. 73: Research
S&T faculty are on the forefront of frontiers in a broad array of disciplines — from biomaterials that can heal open wounds, to nanotechnology for speedier computing, to the development of an “Internet for energy.”

No. 74: Summer camps
S&T offers almost a dozen academically oriented summer camps for youths age 6 to 18, including “Camp Invention,” “Girls Go Green” and “Explosives Camp.”

No. 75: Rollamo
The university’s yearbook has been published every year since 1907. And, incidentally, Jason McHaney, ChE’91, has a copy of every one of them.

No. 76: Block Party
Every April, people around campus get together for food and conversation to celebrate spring (or maybe some of them are celebrating the start of the baseball season).

No. 77: Lectures
What do Colin Powell, Lance Armstrong and Margaret Thatcher have in common? They’ve all visited campus as featured Remmers lecturers.

No. 78: IFC jackets
Like St. Pat’s Board jackets, only different. (IFC jackets are gray.)

No. 79: Performances
S&T brings quality performances, including family entertainment, to town. Thanks to Leach Theatre, the entire community has a chance to enjoy these professional performances.

80_Band.jpgNo. 80: Band and choir
Believe it or not, lots of engineers and scientists appreciate music. And many of them are really good at playing it, too.




No. 81: Student theater
Just because you’re an engineering major, doesn’t mean you can’t act.

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Alumni help with sesquicentennial planning

Seven alumni, including three Miner Alumni Association board members, have been named to Missouri S&T’s sesquicentennial advisory committee. The group is made up of graduates, students, faculty, staff and community members who are involved in planning the university’s upcoming 150th anniversary celebration.

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Using big data to reduce childbirth risks

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, complications during pregnancy or childbirth affect more than 50,000 women annually, and about 700 of them die every year. Steve Corns, associate professor of engineering management and systems engineering, is working with researchers from Phelps County Regional Medical Center through the Ozarks Biomedical Initiative to reduce […]

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Bogan solves Benton mural mystery

Missouri State Capitol muralist Thomas Hart Benton wrote in his memoir about being called into then-Gov. Guy Park’s office and told that a prominent St. Louis politician objected to Benton’s portrayal of black people, especially depictions of slavery.

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Breaking bias

According to Jessica Cundiff, assistant professor of psychological science at S&T, women who consider careers in the physical sciences, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields are deterred by stereotypes that impose barriers on the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in STEM.

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