Rolla: No. 120-140

Rivers, forested hills and bubbling springs full of trout are all part of the natural appeal of the Ozarks.

No. 120: Maid-Rite
Some folks say you have to be from Rolla to appreciate the loose-meat sandwiches that are Maid-Rite’s specialty. But once you’ve had one, you’ll never forget it.

121_Alexs.jpgNo. 121: Alex’s
“Alex’s pizza is the best pizza in the world and I have been many places in the world including Italy,” says Michael McMenus, LSci’81.


No. 122: Burrito Fridays
You wouldn’t expect to find huge burritos that are both cheap and delicious in a basement dive bar, but you can. On Fridays at the Grotto.

No. 123: A Slice of Pie
Mmm … pie. This little slice of heaven has been written up in national guidebooks.

No. 124: Coney dog Tuesdays at A&W
Jerry, CE’74, MS CE’76, and Vicky, CSci’74, MS EMgt’76, Maurseth remember 20-cent Coney Dog Tuesdays at the A&W just off campus. “Talk about cheap eats! For a dollar we could feed ourselves and our baby, Thrusie (no chili for her, but she got a free baby root beer). If we felt really rich, we would buy a gallon of fresh A&W root beer to have there and to take home for the week for about $2. Those were the days when you could afford the food and the waistline could afford the carbs.”

No. 125: Ramey’s
No matter the decade, one thing holds true for Rolla Miners — when they’re not in class, they like to get out of Rolla for a while. “Remember Ramey’s place a few miles out of Rolla to relax on weekends?” No. But Bob Huck, EE’59, does. That was before our time.

No. 126: Tim’s Pizza
The building has been turned into a Chinese restaurant, but some alumni say that back in the day, Tim’s had the best pizza and Super Salads in town.

127_GiddyGoat.jpgNo. 127: Giddy Goat
Co-owned by Jennifer Dugas, Phil’10, since 2005, this little coffee house just off campus has developed quite a following among students, faculty and staff.


No. 128: Tater Patch
You can find a little bit of everything at the Tater Patch, including great food and, well, interesting locals.

129_Grotto.jpgNo. 129: Grotto/Cavern/Brewsters/Mine Shaft
Every college town has at least one dive bar. Today it’s known as the Grotto, but whether it was the Cavern, Brewster’s or the Mine Shaft, generations of Miners have tossed back a cold one (or two) in this Pine Street basement hangout.


No. 130: Bruno’s
Even though it isn’t close to campus, Bruno’s has been a favorite hangout of S&T students since the 1980s.

No. 131: Top Hat
Now known as the Locker Room, this upstairs bar at the corner of 7th and Rolla streets serves great burgers.

No. 132: Wineries
Known as the Ozark Highlands Viticultural Area, the land around nearby St. James, Mo., boasts the greatest number of vineyards and wineries in the state.

No. 133: Schuman Park
If only these pavilions could talk. Schuman is the closest park to campus. And home to Schuman Pond (see No. 102).

No. 134: Beautiful Ozarks
Miners come to Rolla to study, but most find themselves venturing outdoors to hike, bike, camp, canoe or just relax. “The beautiful Ozarks that surround the school were and still are one of my favorite places to be,” says Keith Lueck, EE’84, MS EE’92.

No. 135: Lane Springs
Tie on a fly and catch a trout just minutes from Rolla.

No. 136: Lions Club Park
Nearly 200 acres are owned and maintained by the Rolla Lions Club as a local park. It’s a great place for students to blow off steam. The park has played host to the Greek Week Carnival, St. Pat’s Gonzo and Games, and lots of other student activities.

137_Maramec.jpgNo. 137: Maramec (with an “a”) Springs
The spring averages 96 million gallons of water a day and feeds the Meramec (with an “e”) River. It features 1,800 acres of camping, picnicking, hiking and trout fishing less than 20 miles
from Rolla.


No. 138: Mark Twain National Forest
Known for its rivers and trails, the Mark Twain National Forest’s 1.5 million acres span 20 southern and central Missouri counties, including Phelps County, home of Missouri S&T.

No. 139: Walmart
No, Rolla doesn’t have a mall, but we do have a Walmart. And sooner or later, you can see nearly everyone you know there.

No. 140: Pixelated
S&T students tend to share a love of gaming and comic books. Pixelated is the spot to get them.

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