Steinhart tells grads: ‘Listen and learn from your mistakes’

Be a team player, earn respect, and learn from your peers and mentors. That’s the advice Jeff Steinhart, EMgt’79, gave to more than 1,000 new Missouri S&T graduates during May 2014 commencement ceremonies. Steinhart, retired vice president of engineering and environmental affairs for Anheuser-Busch Inc., talked about his career with A-B and offered advice to the graduates. [Read more…]

Rubber cement?

Landfills across the country are teeming with discarded tires. But Mohamed A. ElGawady, an associate professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering, says he can solve that problem by turning them into an ingredient for construction materials. [Read more…]

S&T awards its first BA in MS

Eddie A. Rascon, MStu’14, is the first Missouri S&T student to complete an individually designed program through the new multidisciplinary studies program. He earned a bachelor of arts during the May 2014 commencement ceremonies. Rascon’s program combined business, marketing and psychology. [Read more…]

What advice would you share with a new S&T student?

 To welcome new students to campus during Opening Week at the start of the school year, we asked upperclassmen and alumni to share advice for new S&T students. Here is what they told us.

“This will be the most impactful four years (or more) of your life. It is a watershed. As an alumnus (retired vice president of a Fortune 500 company) said, “Come to Rolla and change you and your family station in life for generations to come.” Most of us came from modest means. We look back and realize we would not be where we are today if it were not for that decision to come here … and the stick-tu-it-ive-ness to hang in there when it got tough. Best decision I ever made, many of us have said.”
– Bob Stevens, ChE’81, Houston, Texas

“Work hard, make friends, workout, stay safe.”
– Jeff Evans, ME’11, Kansas City, Mo.

“Join a design team. Employers care more about your campus involvement and leadership skills than your GPA. You can be as smart as Sheldon Cooper, but if you don’t demonstrate an ability to work with a team, they won’t hire you. I was hired in largely because of my leadership positions with AAVG (Advanced Aero Vehicle Group).”
– Tim Peters, AE’10, Derby, Kan.

1. Study hard — Most employers have minimum GPA requirements. 2. Get involved — There are plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from (design teams, faith-based groups, res life organizations, etc.) Starting as a freshman will put you in a good position to be in a leadership position your junior or senior year — another thing employers look for. 3. Actively participate in Opening Week — Class, Project X, make some new friends, and don’t forget the evening activities! 4. Make the most of the opportunity — College is your opportunity to try new things, meet new people, build new skills and develop friendships that will last long after you graduate.”
– Gail Lueck, EMgt’02, MS EMgt’03, St. Louis

50 years a Miner

Forty-four members of the class of 1964 — the last class to graduate from the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy — returned to their alma mater 50 years after graduation for the 2014 Golden Alumni Reunion May 20–21.  [Read more…]

Tell us. Did you think of that?

We’ve all seen an invention that’s made us stop and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Help us find Rolla alumni who have demonstrated their ingenuity and innovation through their inventions. In an effort to identify the diverse, distinguished and successful careers of our alumni, we are compiling a list of those who saw a need and created something new to meet that need. 

[Read more…]

By the numbers

5 – Missouri S&T’s rank among public universities for return on investment as determined by the 2014 PayScale College ROI Report. Among all universities, public and private, Missouri S&T ranks 20th.

81 – Missouri S&T’s rank among graduate engineering programs, according to
U.S. News & World Report.

217 – Employers registered at Missouri S&T’s Spring 2014 Career Fair.

603 – Recruiters at Missouri S&T’s Spring 2014 Career Fair. Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow and Engineers Without Borders hosted a breakfast for alumni recruiters before the fair began.

1,055 – Graduates who earned bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degrees during May 2014 commencement ceremonies.

413,556 – Pageviews on during our special “Doge” edition on April 1, 2014, a 643% increase from last year. See page 13.

Miners give back

Missouri S&T and the Miner Alumni Association hosted the second annual Battle of the Brains Scholarship Banquet and Trivia Night on April 25 as part of Philanthropy Month. The evening was filled with recognition and fellowship as donors dined with the students who benefit from their generosity. More than 200 students attended to thank our generous donors. After dinner, student organizations competed alongside alumni and donors for a chance to take home the title of “Biggest Brainiac.” The History Club’s team took first place and won $500. Delta Omicron Lambda won the $400 second-place prize and Alpha Phi Alpha won the $200 third-place prize. Winning teams will use the prize money for a philanthropic event, activity or donation of their choosing.

In print

The Continental League, A Personal History, by Russell D. Buhite, professor emeritus of history and political science, was published by the University of Nebraska Press in May.

The Hank Williams Reader, co-edited by Patrick Huber, professor of history and political science, was published in February by Oxford University Press.

The Dead and Those About to Die — D-Day: The Big Red One at Omaha Beach, by John C. McManus, professor of history and political science, was published by NAL Caliber in May.

Meet our honorees


Dr. Robert R. Holmes Jr., CE’87, national flood hazard specialist and coordinator, U. S. Geological Survey, adjunct professor of civil engineering, Missouri S&T

Daniel A. Reed, CSci’78, vice president for research and economic development, computational science and bioinformatics chair, and professor of computer science, electrical and computer engineering and medicine, University of Iowa.


Randall Dreiling, CE’81, vice president and senior structural engineer, Design Nine


Steven Cary Dunston, EMgt’88, executive vice president and chief operating officer, American Woodmark Corp.


Hugh Cole, EMgt’72, managing partner, AGI-Goldratt Institute


Jeffery Thornburg, AE’96, principle propulsion engineer, SpaceX

Dale Spence, ME’97, global marketing director for automatic tank gauge, Veeder-Root