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On August 2, 2019

Four graduating students were selected to speak during commencement in May:

“It’s a bittersweet moment, standing on this stage today, because I really don’t know how long it will be before I’m back,” said Aldridge. “But I think that’s okay, because today, I am only leaving the location, not the people. The friendships that I have made here will never leave my heart.”

Nicole Aldridge, CSci’19, CpE’19, spoke during the Friday evening ceremony.

“My undergraduate studies at S&T, in conjunction with campus involvement and internships, were undeniably a springboard for my career at Black & Veatch,” said Noring. “A distance education from S&T allowed me to continue my education through the demands of a career.”

Levi Noring, CE’13, ArchE’13, MBA’19, also spoke Friday evening.

“As we go into our careers, the things that will propel us forward are the moments at S&T that aren’t from books or computers; they’re the friendships, leadership opportunities, campus organizations, and 2 a.m. doughnut runs,” said Fender. “They are the challenges we have faced and overcome.”

Morgan Fender, ChE’19, spoke during the Saturday morning ceremony.

“I want to share the excitement and knowledge that S&T has imparted to me with others, whether co‑workers, future students, or friends,” said Joyce. “My time at S&T will live on in my memory forever, and I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to learn so much.”

Moira Joyce, EMgt’19, spoke during the Saturday afternoon ceremony.

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