Chapin writes new thriller

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On August 2, 2019
Cover artwork for the book "The dragon of God"

Roger Chapin, Math’64, MS Math’66, wrote a novel titled The Dragon of God, a religious thriller that follows a religion professor who investigates the deaths of people who — through prior near-death experiences — believe that Christian fundamentalist beliefs are based on a misinterpretation of the Bible. 

Chapin, writing under the pen name Earl Thor, says that he got the idea for the novel from his enjoyment of the debate format. 

“What theme could be more significant than the question of life after death — the question that Plato said was the most important question of existence?” says Chapin. “I spent five years studying the Bible, books about the Bible and books about the craft of writing — all new territory for a math major who had a career in software development.”

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