Academy inductions

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On August 2, 2019

In April, 38 alumni and friends were inducted into Missouri S&T academies. Academy membership recognizes careers of distinction and invites members to share their wisdom, influence and resources with faculty and students. Some academies hold induction ceremonies in the spring, others in the fall.

Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Geoffrey A. Akers, EE’96
  • F. Scott Aschinger, EE’88
  • Sharon Beermann-Curtin, EE’87
  • Nancy A. Pendleton, EE’88
  • Martin O. Penning, EE’80
  • Christopher A. Philipp, EE’82, MS EMgt’89
  • David R. Saunders, EE’83
  • H. Ward Silver, EE’78

Academy of Chemical Engineers

  • Farhad Adib, ChE’84, MS ChE’85, PhD ChE’91
  • Edward C. Bonney, ChE’79
  • Ralph E. Grant, ChE’93
  • Marvin R. Havens, ChE’71, MS ChE’73, PhD ChE’76
  • John Hegger, ChE’86
  • Daniel J. Klingenberg, ChE’85
  • David Neuwirth, ChE’71
  • Ed Palmer, ChE’68
  • Gerald R. Thiessen, ChE’68, MS EMgt’74

Academy of Mines and Metallurgy

  • C. John Brannon, Phys’85, CerE’85, Psyc’86, MS CerE’86, PhD CerE’89
  • Donald Dwyer, MinE’02
  • Kevin Edwards, NucE’89
  • Michael Gross, MetE’88, MS MetE’94
  • Andrew Knudsen, NucE’86
  • Molly Laegeler, PetE’00
  • Charles “Hank” Rawlins, MetE’91, MS MetE’92, PhD MetE’08

Academy of Civil Engineers

  • Tom Abkemeier, CE’87, MS CE’92
  • Michael Buechter, CE’90
  • Don DaSaro, CE’67
  • Thomas M. Feger, CE’69
  • Bernard D. Held, CE’75
  • Gary W. Hines, CE’95
  • Tim Hudwalker, CE’88
  • Richard Jaquay, CE’63
  • LaWanda Jones, CE’91
  • Brent Massey, CE’95
  • Scott Preston, CE’97, MS EMgt’02
  • Kevin Sutterer, CE’82, MS CE’84
  • Mike Woessner, CE’76
  • John J. Myers, associate dean of academic affairs for the S&T College of Engineering and Computing and professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering (honorary)
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