A look at the new faces of learning at Missouri S&T

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On November 29, 2018

Missouri S&T’s faculty members are passionate about teaching. They are highly credentialed. They came to S&T for many different — although quite specific — reasons, and now that they’re here, they are productive in ways that extend beyond the classroom and the lab.

From advising the Rock Climbing Club — and turning physical feats on the rock face into mental challenges in the classroom — to taking a group of college students throughout the Western Hemisphere to help solve the clean-water crisis in developing countries, these experiences help our faculty build bonds with their students that form the foundation of student success.

Whether they came from a small Midwestern college or a top-tier research university, our faculty find S&T’s diversity, STEM focus and unique student body a real draw. Some were also lured by research facilities and small class sizes that are unavailable at peer institutions.

Missouri S&T is known for graduating tomorrow’s problem‑solvers, tomorrow’s leaders. That’s thanks in no small part to the educators who have imparted their wisdom, whether through research, teaching or mentorship.

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