Alumna publishes second children’s book

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On November 29, 2018
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Sarah Boutte, BSci’03, recently published her second children’s book — this one focused on introducing STEM to young minds. Boutte says she was inspired to write books while working as a teacher to educate pilots on how to fly helicopters for the oil industry. With a busy career, she did not want to lose sight of her family priorities.

“As a teacher, making sure to get my message across is very important,” says Boutte. “I think spiritual growth plays a big part in that, and when I had kids, I couldn’t find many resources to help my children grow in that way. I want my kids to know and understand how much they are loved, especially when we are so busy in life, so I decided to write a book.”

Mama, Do You Know? was released in March 2018. The book attempts to answer the hard-to-answer questions that toddlers often ask.

“Last summer my son asked me things like, ‘Why don’t sea turtles get cold when they are in water all the time?’ or, ‘Mama, do you love (my sibling) more than me?’” says Boutte. “A lot of parents clam up and freeze, and I tried to find a way to come up with explanations.”

Boutte’s first book, Do You Know How Much Your Momma Loves You?, was published in October 2017.

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