Honoring new academy members

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On March 28, 2016

In October, 26 alumni and friends were inducted into Missouri S&T academies. Academy membership recognizes careers of distinction and invites members to share their wisdom, influence and resources with faculty and students. Some academies hold induction ceremonies in October, others in April.

Academy of Computer Science

  • William K. “Bill” Brune, CSci’69
  • Jeff Marker, EE’88,
  • Susan Klemmer, MS CSci’66
  • Ralph Edward Lee, MS Phys’49

Academy of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Craig Barnes, ME’78
  • Gregory C. Busche, AE’85
  • Michael B. Calandro, ME’81, MS EMgt’91
  • Gerald L. “Jerry” Canfield, MS ME’99
  • Douglas E. Duchardt, ME’87
  • John M. “Mike” Evans, ME’67
  • Robert G. Steinhoff, ME’80

Academy of Miner Athletics

  • Steve Biederman, CE’72
  • Pete Colombatto, CE’71
  • Stu Dunlop, EMgt’76
  • Neil Fiala, ME’56
  • Pat Godwin, EMgt’72
  • Craig Heath, EE’81
  • Lorenzo Hill, ChE’70
  • Ron Hutchcraft, MinE’87, ME MinE’07
  • David McKinstry, EE’57
  • Doug Munsell, CE’60
  • Stephen Ombalski, CE’64
  • Joel Scharf, PetE’59
  • Leonard Stout, EMgt’70
  • Jerry Dorlac, NDD’55
  • Ron Replogle, NDD
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On March 28, 2016. Posted in Class Notes, Spring 2016

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