Meet Nick Kutay, STAT president

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On November 25, 2015

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT), the student section of the Miner Alumni Association, gives students a glimpse of life after college. Missouri S&T Magazine staff asked current president Nick Kutay, a senior in mechanical engineering, to share his take on the organization.

Why should students join STAT?

We are involved with alumni events throughout the semester as well as through meetings in which alumni speak on topics like interview tips or the transition from being a student to a full-time employee. We get to network with these alumni and gain a better understanding of how to land that dream job.

What are your goals as president?

I am looking to sponsor events with other organizations and create new opportunities for STAT members to interact with alumni and build relationships. I hope to build our membership base, our visibility on campus and the impact that our events have on our members.

How does networking with alumni benefit students?

Although being the best in your field is important, it is nowhere near as important as the relationships and interactions that you build throughout your career. Networking is the No. 1 reason why some of the most influential alumni are where they are today. I am happy to say that STAT has allowed me to not only expand my network and interact with some very influential people but also get to know them beyond the business talk.

Alumni who are interested in speaking to STAT or who want to learn more about the organization should email

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