Keeping the books

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On July 29, 2015

In 2012, the Miner Alumni Association board of directors consolidated its committees into five groups with broad goals that focus on alumni engagement, finances, student engagement, marketing and communications, and strengthening campus relations.

Tasked with managing and preserving the association’s financial well-being, the Finance Committee’s members consider Missouri S&T’s long-term objectives and strategic plan initiatives while ensuring current needs are still met.

“The Miner Alumni Association has been around for nearly 100 years, and this committee is here to guarantee it stays around for over 100 more,” says committee chair Steve Rector, PetE’72, MS PetE’73. “Our future efforts will focus on building unrestricted funds for student aid and supporting the university in every way possible.”

Since the committee was formed, it has worked to overcome residual fundraising difficulties from the 2008–09 recession, supported current students through approximately $350,000 in annual endowed scholarship funds and helped complete the goal of financing the recently opened Hasselmann Alumni House.

“Every single person who has helped make Hasselmann Alumni House a reality should be full of pride,” says Rector. “It is a wonderful place for the association and all alumni to meet and work together. I attended the dedication ceremony for it and cannot say enough good things about the project.”

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On July 29, 2015. Posted in Association News, Beyond the Puck, Summer 2015