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On July 29, 2015

The Miner Alumni Association gratefully recognizes the contributors whose generous support raised the roof on Hasselmann Alumni House.

  • Kiley Elizabeth Aasby, Bus’06
  • Thomas, CE’52, and Marjorie Abernathy
  • Robert Jonathan, EMgt’03, and Laura Schoenbeck, CerE’02, Agee
  • Richard, ChE’61, and Shirley Agricola
  • Clark Edward, Bus’08, and Mary-Anne Elizabeth, IST’08, Allen Jr.
  • Paul Donald, CE’81, and Christa (DeGonia), ChE’85, Andrew
  • David Ashabranner, CSci’83
  • Charles, CE’65, and Jan Atkinson
  • Daniel Jaye, GeoE’03, MS EMgt’05, and Wendy Leann (Moore), ArchE’07, MS CE’08, Bailey
  • Keith, ME’64, and Patricia L. Bailey
  • Ernest Kelvin, ChE’81, and Angela Renae (Blake), EE’87, Banks
  • Dick*, ChE’52, and Shirley Bauer
  • John and Kerry Bax
  • Robert, CE’49, and Peggy Bay
  • Jerry, CE’59, MS CE’62, and Shirley* Bayless
  • Steven Mark, CE’98, and Tracy Renee (Davenport), CE’98, MS EMgt’01, Beattie II
  • Russell, ME’71, MS ME’74, PhD ME’77, and Margy (Rice), CSci’73, MS EMgt’75, Beckmeyer
  • Donald, ChE’59, and Judith Bellchamber
  • Vernon, MetE’50, and Nancy Berkey
  • Robert T., CE’72, and June Berry
  • Raymond, CE’66, and Susan Betz
  • Jesse and Mary Jane Bodine
  • Kenneth Bowles, EE’66
  • Robert M., MinE’42, and Catherine* Brackbill
  • Donald and Nancy Brackhahn
  • Edward Bradley, EE’84
  • Darryl, ME’78, and Robin Brinkmann
  • Robert, CE’71, and Kim Brinkmann
  • William, CSci’73, and Carolyn Brune
  • Michael W. Bytnar, ME’68, MS EMgt’73
  • John F. Carney III
  • Preston Wade Carney, CE’02, MS CE’03
  • Egemen Kemal Çetinkaya, MS EE’01
  • Brian Lloyd, CSci’01, and Erin (Gifford), GeoE’01, Chamberlain
  • James Byron Chaney, MinE’48, MS MinE’49
  • Elmond*, ChE’39, MS ChE’41, and Claire Claridge
  • Richard Lewis, ChE’87, MS EMgt’94, and Laura (Oehlert) Clegg, ChE’87
  • Matteo, CE’66, and Kathleen* Coco
  • Richard Cole, MetE’47
  • Aaron, CSci’77, and Brenda Cook
  • Donald Dampf, PetE’50
  • David, CSci’68, and Susan Dearth
  • David, CE’77, and Margaret Diestelkamp
  • Randall Dietrich, EE’70
  • Roger, ME’65, and Sandra Dorf
  • Randall Dreiling, CE’81
  • John, AE’79, MS EMgt’90, and Marie Eash
  • Rich, EE’71, and Cathy Eimer
  • Kelvin, EE’78, MS EE’79, and Francilda, CerE’79, Erickson
  • Raymond, Math’71, MS CSci’74, and Liz Ernst
  • John Evans*, PetE’52
  • John O., PetE’63, and Dianne Farmer III
  • Thomas Feger, CE’69
  • Richard, EE’77, MS EE’78, and Rose Marie Fitzmaurice
  • Michael, ME’67, and Katherine Foresman
  • Raymond Fournelle, MetE’64, MS MetE’68, PhD MetE’71
  • Richard Freeman, CE’70, MS EMgt’75
  • Victoria Nicole Freese
  • John Charles, CE’82, and Jenny Gabbert
  • Rhonda (Reed) Galaske, MetE’79
  • John Scott, CSci’72, and Charlotte George
  • Bill L. Gerhart, EE’61
  • Arthur L. Giesler, ME’77
  • Richard, EMgt’85, and Kelley Gnecco
  • Russell, CE’78, MS EMgt’79, and Shirley Goldammer
  • David C. Grimm, MetE’50
  • James, ME’62, MS EMgt’71, and Sharron Guest
  • James, CE’71, MS CE’77, and Mary Anne Gunter
  • Alden, MetE’41 and Eileen Hacker
  • Gail Louise (Dolan), ChE’82, and Donald, ME’72, Hahn
  • Robert H. Harper
  • Greg and Cindy Harris
  • Thomas, PetE’74, and Donna Harrison
  • Kurt Joseph Haslag, CE’07
  • Melvin, EMgt’78, and Shirley Heisserer
  • Bernard, CE’75, and Melinda Held
  • Arthur, ChE’50, and Evelyn Morgan Helwig
  • Larry, MinE’73, and Polly (Reed), EMgt’73, Hendren
  • Gregory Hicks, CE’76, MS EMgt’80
  • K. Daniel, EMgt’73, and Delores J., PetE’75, Hinkle
  • Lloyd Hinkle, CE’71, MS CE’73
  • Roger, EE’62, and Sharron Hoffman
  • Bill, MetE’51, MS MetE’52, and Ann Horst
  • Joseph*, MetE’38, and Clarellen Howerton
  • Gerald and Audrey, MetE’51, Huddleson
  • Daniel Edmond Jackson, ChE’90
  • Earl, MinE’51, and Lou Jackson
  • Joseph, MBA’14, and Katie Jackson
  • Ronald William Jagels, CE’86, MS EMgt’91
  • Jerry James and Susan Elaine (Schumacher), MetE’87, James
  • William James
  • Kenneth, ChE’75, MS ChE’77, and Beverly Jinkerson
  • Philip, CE’66, and Barbara Jozwiak
  • Thomas, ME’57, and Eleanor Kalin
  • David and Kelly Ann (Stewart), CSci’86, Kennedy
  • J. Curtis Killinger, Math’73, MS EMgt’80
  • Peter and Betty Jane Kinyon*
  • Daniel Kissel, EE’78
  • Kohler Co.
  • H. Jeffrey, CerE’72, and Lorraine (Traynor), CSci’72, Korklan
  • Dennis Nicholas, MinE’70, and Mary L. Kostic
  • Fred and Mary Pat Krueger
  • Frederick S., CE’55, and June Kummer Jr.
  • Eugene, ChE’53, and Rose Lang Sr.
  • Gregory, MinE’78, and Sharon Lang
  • Paul Anthony, MS MinE’83, and Kathleen Lang
  • John C., ME’61, and Bonnie Latzer
  • John, GGph’67, and Margaret Lauletta
  • Dennis, EE’76, MS EE’77, and Pamela (Thebeau), Math’75, Leitterman
  • Earle Gray, EE’83, and Susan Long
  • Barry and Melpo Mankin
  • Robert, CE’63, and Mylla Markland
  • Thomas, EE’66, and Connie May
  • Michael J., CE’80, MS EMgt’81, and Mary Ellen, EMgt’81, McEvilly
  • Donald, ME’58, and Mary McGovern
  • Robert and Cheryl McKay
  • Thomas More, CE’82, and Linda A. (Johnson) Metcalfe
  • David Louis, EE’81, and Donita Meyer
  • Ashok and Chris Midha
  • Jack, EE’65, and Frances, Psyc’76, Morris
  • Ronald Mueller, ME’59
  • James and Phyllis, GGph’01, Murphy
  • Milton Murry, EE’64, MS EE’80
  • Marvin, MetE’41, and
    Hanna Nevins Jr.
  • David, ME’55, and Mae Jean Nothstine
  • Richard, ChE’58, MS ChE’60, and Julie Okenfuss
  • John and Dorcas Park
  • James, CE’54, and Martha Patterson
  • William, PetE’53, and June Patterson
  • Richard, EE’66, and Joyce Paul
  • Riley and Helene (Hardy), EMgt’83, Pierce
  • Christopher, MetE’83, MS MetE’85, and Darlene Susan (Meloy), MetE’84, Ramsay
  • David, EE’73, and Ruth Arlene (Bush), Engl’71, Raterman
  • Ernest Reeves, ChE’52
  • Charles, ME’49, MS ME’50, and Agnes Remington*
  • Jennifer Marie Remley, CerE’97, MS EMgt’04
  • Lloyd, ME’57, and Maurcine Reuss
  • John William, ME’61, and Camille Ricketts
  • John, MS Phys’65, PhD Phys’70, and Pattiann Rogers
  • Perrin R., GeoE’80, and Brenda Roller
  • Robert* and Arlyne Roller
  • Andrew Charles Ronchetto, Econ’09, EMgt’09
  • Paul, ChE’43, and Mary Rothband
  • Susan H., CSci’74, and Sandy Rothschild
  • Daniel Lewis Ryan, ME’12
  • Ashley Josephine Sacco, ArchE’12, CE’12
  • Robert, MetE’73, and Janet Scanlon
  • Scott Edward, ME’02, and Alison Marie (Sievers), ME’02, Schaefer
  • Neal, EE’68, and Marilyn Schaeffer
  • Robert, PetE’52, MS PetE’53, and Margaret Schafer
  • George, EE’73, and Catherine Schindler
  • Michael, ME’70, and Susan Schmidt
  • David, CE’80, and Kathy Lynn (Herrmann), ME’83, MS ME’89, Schmitt
  • Paul Schnoebelen, CE’77
  • Stephen Aaron Schrock, ArchE’11
  • Travis and Laurie Sewell
  • Kevin, CE’75, MS CE’76, and Jeanie Skibiski
  • Kevin Quentin, EMgt’82, MS EMgt’85, and Karol P. Smith
  • Dale Allan, ME’97, MS EMgt’05, and Patricia (Ruma), EMgt’94, MS IST’05, Spence
  • Geoffrey, EMgt’79, and Mary Steinhart
  • Robert Stevens, ChE’81
  • William Van and Ruth Stoecker
  • William A. Stoltz, EMgt’68
  • James Edward, GeoE’84, MS GeoE’85, and Anita Studer
  • Nicole Talbot, ChE’77, and Russ Pfeifle, ME’74
  • Darrin Lee, ME’88, and Sarah Talley
  • Ronald A., ME’47, and Sondra Tappmeyer
  • Earl, MS PetE’70, and June Thompson
  • Jack, MetE’57, and Carole Toliver
  • Gary, ME’62, and Concha Trippensee
  • George Uding, ME’59
  • James, ChE’56, and Theresa Unnerstall
  • James, CE’63, MS CE’70, and Karen Van Buren
  • Vaninger Family
  • Landon, CE’49, and Virginia Viles
  • John Volosin, IST’13
  • Barton David, EE’83, and Ann Marie Volpe
  • Thomas, EE’69, and Carol Voss
  • Philip, PetE’71, and Diane Wade
  • Vincent, MetE’65, and Jeanette Wahler Jr.
  • Lonnie, ME’65, and Joyce Walker
  • Steven and Marianne Ward
  • W. Keith, GGph’70, MS GGph’71, PhD GGph’73, and Bobbie Wedge
  • Charles Alvin, ChE’57, MS ChE’59, and Joan Wentz
  • Robert Wayne, CE’61, MS CE’73, and Linda Whitehead
  • Kyle Williams, Phys’11, GGph’13
  • Kevin and Mary Theresa, ChE’98, MS EMgt’02, Williams
  • Ronald, EE’73, and Nanette Willoughby
  • Andrew and Amanda Jean, CE’99, MS EnvE’02, Withers
  • Michael, CE’76, and Linda Woessner
  • Robert V.*, ME’51, MS ME’52, and Dottye E. Wolf
  • Joan B., Math’73, and James Woodard
  • Shirley Woodard
  • Christopher, CE’84, and Debra (Manley), Econ’84, Yarnell


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