Seeking inventors

Help us find Rolla alumni who have demonstrated ingenuity and innovation through their inventions. Missouri S&T Magazine is compiling a list of alumni who saw a need and created something to meet it. Below is a list of alumni inventors we’ve heard from so far. Don’t see your name listed? Help us out by completing this short online survey found at

Paul Abney, EE’76, one patent for the apparatus for automatically decelerating and stopping a sewing machine motor.

Gary Amsinger, CE’80, one patent for a crane safety device.

Buddy Austin, EE’60, (deceased) 10 patents related to cooking stoves and ranges.

Ralph S. Barr, EE’65, one patent for an auxiliary lighting system for vehicle-mounted bike racks.

Steven L. Blair Sr., MetE’77, one patent for fluid conduits with integral end fittings.

George Clark, ME’79, 28 patents for surgical instruments and consumer and industrial products.

Michael P. Dallmeyer, ME’84, 47 patents for fuel injection systems or gasoline fuel infectors.

Red J. Dietrich, EE’57, seven patents for antenna parts and related satellite batteries.

Simon Dirnberger, Met’03, ME’05, one patent for Dremel quick release for cut-off wheels.

Daniel M. Doerer, MS CSci’88, 22 patents for 3-D numerical control machining, blown vinyl plastisol and footwear construction.

Charles L. Dohogne, MetE’61, 12 patents in chemistry, metallurgy, electro-chemistry and biomechanics.

Paul Eckler, Chem’69, 21 patents for process and applications technologies related to polyols in the pentaerythritol family.

Lee M. Etnyre, Phys’60, three patents related to navigation and global positioning systems.

Michael D. Gerdes, ME’88, 22 patents for automotive service equipment.

Rodger Grantham, ME’78, 33 patents, most related to gasoline refueling equipment.

Marvin Havens, ChE’71, MS ChE’73, PhD ChE’76, 39 patents on antistatic polymers and oxygen detection.

Robert H. Huck, EE’59, two patents for video disc processing and manufacturing.

Bill Jacobs, ME’64, four patents for voice mechanism marketed by Mattel Toys.

Ingrid Kaufman, ME’97, three patents for vibration-based machine health monitoring developed for Ford Motor Co.

Anna (Sell) Kelley, ME’10, three patents for medical devices.

Earle Long, EE’83, one patent for a radio system with one-to-many dispatch.

Dale R. Lutz, Chem’71, 11 patents related to CO2 emissions and fiber optic sensors on high-voltage power lines.

William R. Morgan, ChE’81, one patent related to aluminum production.

Mark B. Pickell, CE’73, one patent for a foam viscometer.

John M. Raleyb, ChE’74, five patents for paper products and manufacturing processes, non-woven manufacturing processes and absorbent products design.

Allen J. Rushing, MS EE’70, PhD EE’73, 36 patents in imaging technology.

Richard Schafermeyer, ChE’73, MS ChE’75, 14 patents in food science.

Ardell J. Schelich, EE’57, two patents for filter driers for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

David Schuehler, MS CSci’93, nine patents, seven pending, mostly for real-time financial data processing systems.

Danny Scott, MetE’70, 99 patents for oil well drilling products and improvements.

Michael M. Sinar, ME’69, five patents for a steel cable shock absorber and automotive industry inprovements.

Ricky A. Sisk, ME’98, 25 patents for medical devices.

Willard Sudduth, CE’66, invented an Angle Gripper, which is similar to a Vice Grip.

Ralph D. Taylor, EE’68, three patents in aerospace and aircraft testing.

Scott C. Wehner, GeoE’80, one patent related to oil recovery.

Paul Steven Weitzel, ME’68, seven patents, with another application pending.

Lawson G. Wideman, Chem’66, MS Chem’67, 159 patents, many related to resins and polymers.

Robert R. Wright, CE’59, two patents for the thermal process used to convert high-salt brine into fresh water and dry salt.

Yuhui Tom Xu, MS ChE’93, PhD ChE’95, eight patents related to bio-processing.

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