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On April 2, 2015

Dennis Leitterman, EE’76, MS EE’77, Bay Area Section president and Area 23 director for the Miner Alumni Association, hopes to bring more alumni into the fold by offering a number of events in the San Francisco Bay Area throughout the year. Missouri S&T Magazine staff asked him a few questions about his section.

Dennis Leitterman    Sam O'Keefe/Missouri S&T

Dennis Leitterman, EE’76, MS EE’77

How do you connect with alumni?

We offer a wide range of activities spread around the year, but we also vary the time, day and venue almost every year to try to connect with more alumni who have not attended a previous event. It’s a very welcoming group, and we hope to reach all alumni in the area and meet up.

Why get involved with an alumni section?

Bringing alumni together to celebrate, reminisce and make new friends is very rewarding. I enjoy interacting with alumni and students of all ages and academic backgrounds, whether at our annual St. Pat’s party or cheering on the Human Powered Vehicle Team at its California competition.

Why do you serve as an officer?

I’ve held leadership positions in almost every group and organization I have been a part of since joining the Scouts as a boy. Leading the Bay Area Section is a very gratifying way to support Missouri S&T.

What is your favorite event in the Bay Area?

All of our events are fun, but if I have to pick a favorite, it would be St. Pat’s. The stories that alumni share about their student days during St. Pat’s are amazing.

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