Alumni take leadership roles in association

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On November 26, 2014

During its annual Homecoming meeting on Oct. 18, the Miner Alumni Association approved the following new and returning board members:

Executive board

  • Rich Eimer, EE’71, president
  • Helene Hardy-Pierce, EMgt’83, president-elect
  • Ernie Banks, ChE’81, vice president
  • Delores Hinkle, PetE’75, vice president
  • Ron Jagels, CE’86, MS EMgt’91, vice president
  • Mike McEvilly, CE’80, MS EMgt’81, vice president
  • Chris Ramsay, MetE’83, MS MetE’85, vice president
  • Stephen Rector, PetE’72, MS PetE’73, vice president
  • Keith Wedge, GGph’70, MS GGph’71, PhD GGph’73, treasurer
  • Bill Brune, CSci’73, secretary

Incoming board members

  • Michael Emmanuel, EE’87, director-at-large
  • Tessa C. Baughman, ME’04, MS ME’06, director-at-large
  • Robert “R.J.” Agee, EMgt’03, director-at-large
  • Dawn Stufft, GeoE’99, Area 5 (second term)
  • Gary Hines, CE’95, Area 6
  • Richard Berning, CE’69, Area 8
  • Jeremiah King, CE’06, Area 10–18 (second term)
  • Rachel Jung, MBA’09, Area 10–18
  • William McAllister III, CE’76 MS CE’78, Area 10–18
  • Daniel Bailey, GeoE’03, MS EMgt’05, Area 19 (second term)

Many thanks to the departing members of the Miner Alumni Association board of directors for their dedication and loyalty to the association and Missouri S&T:

  • Jerry Bayless, CE’59, MS CE’62, treasurer
  • Robert J. Scanlon, MetE’73, vice president
  • Jon Schneider, AE’87, director-at-large
  • Art Giesler, ME’77, Area 6
  • Tom Feger, CE’69, Area 8
  • Polly Hendren, EMgt’73, Area 10–18
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On November 26, 2014. Posted in Association News, Fall/Winter 2014

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