Fond memories of the Quad

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On July 27, 2014

Jamie (Johnson) Farrell, ECE’01, recently shared a story of how she met her husband, Shannon, when she lived in Kelly Hall. 

“I was in my room, doing homework with the windows open. I kept hearing hilarious laughter coming from the room around the corner,” Farrell says. “So I went to my window and called out to my neighbor and I asked her what was going on.

“She replied, ‘Shannon’s here, and Nick’s trying on women’s clothing. Say hi to Shannon!’”

Shannon was a student at another university who was visiting high school friends, including Nick, who was looking for a dress to wear in the Miss TJ Pageant.

“We’ve been married 13 years now and Nick was the best man in our wedding,” says Farrell, who is now a military wife. These days she writes lighthearted romance novels. Check them out at

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On July 27, 2014. Posted in Alumni, Beyond the Puck, Summer 2014