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On July 27, 2014

In 2012, the Miner Alumni Association changed the format for its board of directors. What used to be a large number of small committees, each with a narrow focus, has been consolidated into five larger committees with broad goals. These committees now focus on alumni engagement, financial resources, student engagement, communications and marketing, and strengthening campus relations. Last issue we introduced you to the Alumni Engagement Committee. This issue, we introduce you to the Student Engagement Committee. 

“Long-lasting relationships naturally encourage students to become Miners for life after they graduate,” says current committee chair Ernie Banks, ChE’81. “Passionately interacting with students as we work toward their best interest creates the ultimate win-win situation for students, alumni and the university. This has personally been a very gratifying collaboration.”

The 25 members of the Student Engagement Committee work to involve current students – in a fun way – to build the foundation to long-lasting relationships with the university and other alumni. The effort works hand-in-hand with the mission of the Alumni Engagement Committee.

“The committee’s biggest challenge is trying to help make an impact on students during the short time they are here on campus in order to make sure they continue to stay engaged after graduation,” says Travis Sewell, alumni relations manager and staff representative for the Miner Alumni Association. “As a committee, we want to show students the positive accomplishments of the Miner Alumni Association, and to encourage them to be active alumni after graduation.”

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On July 27, 2014. Posted in Association News, Beyond the Puck, Summer 2014