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On April 1, 2014

In 2012, the Miner Alumni Association changed the format for its board of directors. What used to be a large number of small committees, each with a narrow focus, has been consolidated into five larger committees with broad goals.

“The new structure combines committees with similar missions to increase collaboration and make the most of the time we have with the board,” says Katie Jackson, assistant director of alumni affairs and constituent relations.

The board committees are focused on alumni engagement, financial resources, student engagement, communications and marketing, and strengthening campus relations. In the next few issues, we’ll introduce you to each of the new groups and give you a glimpse of their mission and how they hope to get there.

The 27 members of the Alumni Engagement Committee work to keep alumni connected to their alma mater through recognition and involvement of alumni, both on campus and in sections around the country. They hope to engage young alumni, make Homecoming the best it can be for returning alumni and help section officers stay in touch with alumni in their area.

It’s a big job, but these alumni are ready to accept the challenge.

“Our biggest challenge is reaching our 56,000 alumni and communicating the value in their staying connected or re-connecting with their alma mater,” says Helene Hardy-Pierce, EMgt’83. “Our young alumni are busy starting their careers and many times, their families, and that is their primary focus. There are myriad reasons to stay connected with Missouri S&T, though, and our job is to make sure that our alumni understand the value in engaging with the Miner Alumni Association.”

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