The Bauer Bar

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On October 26, 2012

Not too long after Dick Bauer, ChE’51, passed away in 2010, his wife, Shirley, decided to make a gift in her husband’s honor to fund the bar in the Hasselmann Alumni House. During Homecoming celebrations and reunions, Dick always liked to gather at a bar — or sometimes tend it — in order to swap stories with old friends. Now the Bauer Bar will provide that gathering spot in the Hasselmann Alumni House for generations of friends to gather, enjoy a drink and share memories.

Chris Ramsay, MetE’83, MS MetE’85, thinks the Bauer Bar is a great idea. “I can hear Dick Bauer saying to us all, ‘Let’s go to the bar for a hooter,’ or (former alumni association president) Bob Wolf (ME’51, MS ME’52, who passed away in 1999) saying we should stop by for a ‘short snort,'” Ramsay says. “I miss those guys. So when the Hasselmann House is finished, we will all go there to have one in honor of Dick, and one in honor of Bob.”

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On October 26, 2012. Posted in Fall/Winter 2012, Features