Fall 2011 Career Fair

Career FairCareer opportunities and employer relations hosted the Fall Career Fair on Sept. 27 with 210 employers and about 135 alumni returning to recruit graduates of their alma mater. Prior to the career fair, the Miner Alumni Association, along with Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) and Engineers Without Borders, hosted a continental breakfast for the recruiters.

In attendance were:

  • Tyler David Acorn, MinE’08
  • Sean D. Albillar, BAdm’11
  • Jeffrey Scott Atkins, EMgt’86
  • Courtney A. Barber, EMgt’11
  • Keith R. Beers, CE’08
  • Raymond A. Beezley, NucE’09
  • Stanley Bevans, MetE’85
  • Prajakta S. Bhagwat, ChE’11
  • Joshua Boeckmann, CE’09
  • Allison J. Bohn, EMgt’08
  • Daniel Bourquin, EE’85
  • Edward J. Bradley Jr., EE’84
  • Katherine Brendel, EMgt’06
  • Jason D. Bridges, EE’00
  • Jason Brinker, ChE’97
  • Roger Broman Jr., MetE’94
  • Charles L. Bryant Jr, EE’11
  • Thomas Buel, E&CE’05
  • Jeffrey A. Burke, ChE’10
  • Regina Carpenter, ME’85
  • Josue Cavazos, ME’98
  • Shao Yu Chou, EE’08
  • Nishant Chouhan, EE’10
  • Brandon K. Cogan, EE’10
  • Brent A. Cohen, EE’11
  • Anna Coplen, MinE’98
  • Jessica Crouch, EMgt’99
  • Jarred Crouch, ME’01
  • Jason R. Daming, ECE’08
  • Lasha R. Davis, EMgt’10
  • Cory Demieville, CSci’06
  • Brianna C. Drury, MinE’10
  • Thomas G. Durham, CE’71
  • John K. Duvall, ME’08
  • Ryan J. Earley, IST’08
  • Curt M. Eggen, ME’04
  • Ryan D. Eller, MetE’08
  • Allyson M. Finch, MetE’11
  • Dean Ford, EE’95
  • Christina Gaines, EE’89
  • Sean V. Gaulter, ME’08
  • Fiorella Giana, MinE’05
  • Jessica A. Gibbs, CE’10
  • Corie Glenn, NucE’01
  • Cole A. Green, PetE’08
  • Adam T. Griffeth, MinE’11
  • Darleen Groner, CE’92
  • Benjamin P. Haring, GeoE’09
  • Mark Alan Harms, CE’83
  • Joshua P. Heger, ME’10
  • Anita B. Heinzke, ChE’10
  • Matthew Hinson, MinE’01
  • Valerie Houseman, CSci’07
  • Lauren Huchingson, IST’07
  • Timothy Hudwalker, CE’88
  • John H. Hussey, EE’81
  • Bhavishya Joga, IST’08
  • Danny L. Johnson, EE’85
  • Douglas Johnson, EE’88
  • Kyle L. Kammer, CE’10
  • Ryan P. Kelly, ME’05
  • William P. Kirby, ArchE’08
  • Geoffrey Kleiboeker, ME’06
  • Daniel Krueger, CerE’94
  • Hilary A. Kuehn, CE’11
  • Brian Kulifay, ECE’07
  • Brett Kunce, MetE’01
  • Paul M. Langenfeld, ME’84
  • Joseph Liefer, ME’06
  • Dennis Wayne Linck, EE’85
  • Bradley Lind, EMgt’96
  • Gail Lueck, EMgt’02
  • Kirsten E. Luer, EE’10
  • Matthew G. Lyons, EE’11
  • Jennifer E. Mack, EMgt’08
  • Tracy L. Mallette, ChE’11
  • Nicholas Mazza, ChE’98
  • Matthew McCray, CE’05
  • Matthew C. McLeane, ChE’99
  • Brian T. Merkel, ME’11
  • Steven L. Mescher, MinE’78
  • Dianna G. Meyers, CerE’09
  • John Modlin, ME’85
  • Bradley Molander, CSci’00
  • Dirk C. Mooy, ChE’96
  • Nathaniel Moran, ME’95
  • Ty Morris, GeoE’97
  • Montgomery A. Morse, ME’79
  • Adam J. Nanney, GeoE’08
  • Meagan Nydegger, NucE’11
  • David W. O’dell, ChE’10
  • Jeffrey Ostermann, MetE’96
  • Carolyn Otten, Chem’97
  • Chet S. Parry, CE’08
  • Gary Pennell, MetE’97
  • Steven W. Pflantz, EE’87
  • Gary Post, ME’03
  • Dwan Prude, EMgt’02
  • Matthew Raterman, EE’01
  • Frederick J. Reineke, ECE’11
  • Kimberly K. Rumpsa, EMgt’10
  • Matthew Rybenski, NucE’01
  • Alison M. Schaefer, ME’02
  • Eric Schlef, CSci 2002
  • Jason A. Schlueter, ME’10
  • Carl F. Schmitz, IST’10
  • Joel A. Schrenk, ArchE’08
  • Steven M. Schwalbert, ME’11
  • Kiernan Shea, ME’10
  • Kailen M. Shores, NucE’11
  • Sandeep Shrestha, ECE’05
  • Mathew Silver, CE’98
  • Jay Smith, CSci’07
  • Daniel L. Stark, EE’09
  • Bruno R. Stopka, EE’77
  • Brian C. Syers, MinE’09
  • Chriss D. Taegel, ArchE’06
  • Nicholas Toeller, EMgt’07
  • Matthew E. Turner, MinE’11
  • Michael L. Vandeven, ME’09
  • Kyle Verhoff, EMgt’04
  • Barret Von Behren, ChE’10
  • John F. Voss, EMgt’85
  • Dale F. Waldo, EE’81
  • Kristen Walters, ME’95
  • Jeffrey Ward, AE’07
  • Matthew J. Ward, CE’09
  • William A. Warner, ME’79
  • Robin Wheeler, EE’95
  • Michael Wilkening, MetE’90
  • Douglas Wilson, MinE’96
  • Stephen M. Winkeler, ME’10
  • Nicholas Winkelmann, GeoE’96
  • James E. Wood Jr., ChE’76
  • John Allen Yates, ME’87

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