Diversity: No. 82-92

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On September 12, 2011

Missouri S&T draws students from nearly every county in Missouri and every state in the nation. With 7,200 students from 51 countries, it’s a cultural smorgasbord.

No. 82: Diwali

This Hindu Festival of Lights is put on by S&T’s student-run India Association. The popular celebration includes a cultural show, multi-course dinner and a fireworks display. India is the home country of our largest international student population.

83_CelebrationofNations.jpgNo. 83: Celebration of Nations

Camels. Food. Entertainment. Displays. In collaboration with the city of Rolla,

this event showcases cultural diversity in our neck of the woods.

No. 84: Saudi Nights

For the past five years, the Saudi Student Organization has celebrated Middle
Eastern culture, food and customs.

85_ChineseNewYear.jpgNo. 85: Chinese New Year

2012 is the Year of the Dragon and it will be celebrated by our Chinese Students and Scholars Association in an annual Spring Festival. Tickets go quickly for this colorful cultural show and dinner.

No. 86: International Day

The largest international event on campus gets bigger every year. Our international students bring their home countries’ customs, music and food to Rolla residents and the campus.

No. 87: Women on campus

A century after Eva Endurance Hirdler Green, Chem 1911, became our first female graduate, record numbers of women are now on campus. Female enrollment has risen by 53 percent in the past decade, but there’s still a 3-to-1 ratio. Yes, for S&T women, the odds are still good, but as a student T-shirt proclaimed, “the goods are still odd.”

No. 88: Ethnic diversity

Our student body of future engineers is more diverse than ever. Last year’s enrollment included students from 54 foreign countries, thanks in part to programs that attract and support students from under-represented ethnic groups.

89_Donors.jpgNo. 89: Donors

Without them, we’d be in debt. Increasingly, public universities are relying more and more on private funds than in the past.

Thank you, donors!

90_CareerFair.jpgNo. 90: Career Fair

Twice a year, 300-plus recruiters from companies all over the world congregate in Rolla to entice the cream of the crop. Rolla grads earn an average of $58,600 starting out in the real world. Not too shabby.

No. 91: Astronauts

Three Miners (Tom Akers, Math’73, MS Math’75; Janet Kavandi, MS Chem’82; and Sandra Magnus, Phys’86, MS EE’90) have flown in the Earth’s orbit and one lived on the International Space Station for four months. How cool is that?

No. 92: Rolla education

A semester’s worth of engineering textbooks = $300. Student loan payments = $500.                                                   A Rolla education = priceless.

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