Missouri S&T Career Fair

Career opportunities and employer relations hosted its Spring 2011 Career Fair on Feb. 15 with 152 employers in attendance, 18 of which were new, which is a 22 percent increase over last spring. S&T students visited with more than 400 recruiters representing 24 states in hopes of landing a job, internship, or co-op opportunity.

Attendees included:

  • Gary J. Amsinger, CE’80
  • William Atkins, CpE’05, MS CpE’07
  • David Barnard, ME’08
  • Julie T. Baumann, CerE’08
  • Gayle Behr, ChE’87
  • Joshua Boeckmann, CE’09
  • Brent Bossi, AE’90, MS AE’91
  • Edward J. Bradley Jr., EE’84
  • Gabe Brueggemann, IS&T’05
  • Eric Buchanan, ChE’99
  • Daniel Buerck, ME’02
  • Josue Cavazos, ME’98
  • Danielle A. Clayton, EE’08
  • Scott D. Clodfelter, ChE’04
  • Robert A. Copeland, MinE’09
  • Katherine Dambach, ME’06
  • Duane L. Dierschow, CerE’80
  • Sean Dowell, CpE’06
  • Martin J. Eckelkamp, EE’80
  • Huong Ehrhardt, BAdm’04
  • Shawnna Erter, GeoE’00
  • Anne M. Faeth-Boyd, GGph’02, MS EnvE ‘04
  • Jeffery Green, AE’06
  • David Gwyn, CSci’04
  • Mark Haddock, GeoE’95, MS GeoE’96
  • Colin P. Hanna, CSci’08
  • Crystal Harb, MetE’99
  • Stephen D. Hicks II, CE’96
  • Josh Horton, EE’99
  • John Huhman, ChE’04
  • Craig Kaibel, GeoE’03, MS GeoE’04
  • Brian Kulifay, CpE, EE’07
  • Paul M. Langenfeld, ME’84, MS EMgt’96
  • Dennis Linck, EE’85
  • Don L. Lininger, CE’88
  • Eivind Listerud, AE’94, PhD AE’03
  • Roger Madry, Jr., ME’98
  • Erik Martel, ChE’99
  • Kenneth Martinez, MetE’95, MS MetE’97
  • Matthew McCray, CE’05
  • Kevin J. McDaniel, PetE’10
  • Kevin J. McEnery, EE’86
  • Bruce V. Miller, ME’80
  • Brian G. Mitchell, PetE’86
  • Everett Moore, ME’86
  • Benjamin J. Murrell, CSci’09
  • Jeffrey Ostermann, MetE’96
  • Megan Pardeck, ChE’02
  • Curtis Parrott, EE’07, MS EE’09
  • Ethan C. Peterson, ME’01
  • Jeffrey William Porter, CerE’90
  • Garrett C Prestegard, EnvE’07
  • Michael Ptasznik, AE’07
  • Kyle S. Rackers, MetE’08
  • Amanda Raffurty, ME’03
  • Matthew Raterman, EE’01
  • Mario Ray, Jr., ME’98
  • Laurie Reese, EE’99
  • Angela K. Reinholdt, ChE’10
  • Rodney Riley, CE’89, MS CE’94
  • Jacob Scherer, MinE’05
  • Anja Schlagel, CE’03
  • Jared B. Schoen, MinE’10
  • Caitlin J. Schuermann, EE’08
  • Megan L. Schuette, EMgt’08
  • Stacy Seelye, BAdm’07
  • Jay Smith, CSci’07
  • Charles Smith, ME’92
  • Katherine A. Smith, EMgt’08
  • Michael J. Stringer, CE’79
  • Catherine E. Swift, ME’10
  • Richard Szevery, MetE’02
  • Kenneth Talley, EMgt’98
  • Shannon Todd, GeoE’99
  • Nicholas Toeller, EMgt’07
  • Jonathan Van Houten, CpE’03, MS CpE’04
  • Samuel J. Vance, CE’09
  • Scott Vogelsang, CE’02
  • John F. Voss, EMgt’85
  • Justin T. Voss, CSci’10
  • Michael Walker, GGph’99
  • Kristen Walters, ME’95
  • Matthew J. Ward, CE’09
  • Jonathan R. Wear, ME’08
  • Wayne Weber, GeoE’95
  • Nathaniel Wilke, ME’07
  • Jon Zakrzewski, EE’98

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