Fall 2010 Career Fair

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On March 7, 2011

On Sept. 21 career opportunities and employer relations hosted the fall 2010 Career Fair with 184 employers on campus. Nearly 120 alumni returned to recruit graduates of their alma mater. Prior to the career fair, the Miner Alumni Association, along with Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) and Engineers Without Borders, hosted a continental breakfast for the recruiters.

Alumni in attendance include:

  • Uchenna H. Aboaja, GGph’10
  • Tyler David Acorn, MinE’08
  • Christopher Allen Barnes, MetE’06
  • Emily M. Amizich, ChE’09
  • Tessa C Baughman, ME’04
  • Heather A. Benhardt, MetE’00
  • Stanley Wayne Bevans, MetE’85
  • Joshua Boeckmann, CE’09
  • Charles Richard Booth, EE’06
  • Edward J. Bradley Jr., EE’84
  • Katherine Jane Brendel, EMgt’06
  • Amanda K. Brenner, ME’10
  • Nicholas Andrew Bristow, CE’07
  • Timothy John Buckholz, CSci’04
  • Thomas Harold Buel, ECE’05
  • Kevin Lamont Buie, EMgt’94
  • Regina F. Callaway, GGph’09
  • Josue Cavazos, ME’98
  • Shao Yu Chou, EE’08
  • Scott D. Clodfelter, ChE’04
  • Zachary M. Cochran, MinE’09
  • Frances Lynn Collins, EE’05
  • Michael A. DeBlois, ChE’08
  • Macabee Dorman, ME’08
  • Ryan J. Earley, IST’08
  • Swan Saunna Fields, ME’04
  • William Brett Finnell, ME’05
  • Cory J. Gassner, ECE’10
  • Kelly J. Geiszler, NucE’08
  • David Keith Goetz, EE’90
  • Karl H. Hachmuth, NucE’08
  • Leon Chico Hamilton, EMgt’05
  • Timothy Lynn Hand, ME’01
  • Brittany M. Harrington, ArchE’10
  • Michael James Hendrix, ME’07
  • Brian Lee Hickman, ME’07
  • Stephen D. Hicks II, CE’96
  • Mark Richard Hoffman, EE’86
  • Lindy L. Holmes, EMgt’80
  • Keith P. Homco, IST’09
  • Robert Lee Hoog, EE’92
  • Jeffrey Ward Hougland, EE’01
  • John Steven Huhman, ChE’04
  • Dominic Maranda Hull, ME’07
  • Matthew Aaron Huskey, ME’06
  • Richard W. Isbell, CE’80
  • Geoffrey Wayne Kleiboeker, ME’06
  • Rachel Lynn Kluesner, MIS’08
  • Delilah Chanrasmi Koch, EMgt’85
  • Sylvia Ann Kueny, ME’06
  • Brian David Kulifay, ECE’07
  • Cary Branson Lange, GeoE’96
  • Joseph Marvin Liefer, ME’06
  • Dennis Wayne Linck, EE’85
  • Gail Angela Lueck, EMgt’02
  • Kristin Virginia Lurk, EMgt’03
  • Jennifer E. Mack, EMgt’08
  • Andrew R. Maxon, EE’09
  • Tommy L. McCoy II, ChE’00
  • Matthew Scott McCray, CE’05
  • Matthew C. McLeane, ChE’99
  • Jason McWilliams, CSci’01
  • Steven L. Mescher, MinE’78
  • Ty’Lisha Moore, ChE’08
  • Robert E. Mooshegian, ChE’01
  • Ty Lance Morris, GeoE’97
  • Dale L. Morse, EE’79
  • Kwane R Mukwada, MfgE’06
  • Adam J. Nanney, GeoE’08
  • Anthony J. Onesty, ChE’09
  • Derek Allen Ogg, ChE’04
  • Tarang Parashar, ME’08
  • Demon Donnell Parker, CE’98
  • Pamela Diane Parker, EMgt’02
  • Steven L. Parks, EMgt’82
  • Laura Ana Peleh, ME’07
  • Gary Dean Pennell, MetE’97
  • Ethan C. Peterson, ME’01
  • Brandon Michael Petty, CSci’05
  • Steven W. Pflantz, EE’87
  • John J. Pitts, ME’80
  • Dwan Lamar Prude, EMgt’02
  • Elizabeth Marie Ptasznik, ChE’07
  • Steven E. Puzach, CE’09
  • Laurie Reese, EE’99
  • Devon D. Rumbaugh, GGph’08
  • Anja Schlagel, CE’03
  • Jason A. Schlueter, ME’10
  • Anthony Michael Schroer, GGph’00
  • Jennifer L. Sciarra, CE’08
  • Oyku Selimoglu, MinE’09
  • Michael E. Siegrist, ME’78
  • Mathew David Silver, CE’98
  • Susan Marie Simmons, ChE’84
  • Jeffrey S. Sims, CE’08
  • Aaron Thomas Smith, EE’02
  • Jay Cecil Smith, CSci’07
  • Trevor C. Smith, ME’09
  • Nathan Wayne Steele, MinE’00
  • Neil Andrew Stewart, EE’02
  • Joshua D. Stoll, ME’06
  • Benjamin Paul Swagman, EMgt’09
  • Chriss D Taegel, ArchE’06
  • Ryan D. Terrell, ME’08
  • Matthew T. Tobey, MinE’94
  • Gary Edward Tomlinson, MinE’98
  • Gale L. Towery, EE’74
  • Stacy Danielle Uetrecht-Seelye, BAdm’07
  • Andrew J. Vance, ME’09
  • Barret Von Behren, ChE’10
  • John F. Voss, EMgt’85
  • Justin T. Voss, CSci’10
  • Son Xuan Vu, EE’05
  • Dale F. Waldo, EE’81
  • Matthew J. Ward, CE’09
  • Robin Anne Wheeler, EE’95
  • Mark Alan Wildt, ME’95
  • Nathaniel Evan Wilke, ME’07
  • Albert R. Wilkinson III, MetE’08
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