St. Pat’s by the numbers

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On June 16, 2008


Mops on hand for 2008 street painting.


Mops needed on a usual St. Pat’s weekend.


MSM students who skipped school for the first celebration.


Approximate number of St. Pat’s Board alumni attending the 100th celebration, nearly half the living total.


Gallons of paint used to turn Pine Street green.


Hot dogs/Pizzas/Kegs of Beer at the Miner Alumni Association’s post-parade celebration.

mother and daughter at St. Pats
Revelers enjoying the Miner Alumni Association’s St. Pat’s bash.
St Pat at parade
St. Pat (Paul Voss) and his Queen of Love and Beauty (Carmen Vogt) greet the parade crowd.
St Pats
Current and former St. Pat’s Board members gather at the Puck.
bag pipes
Following the parade, St. Pat’s Board members re-enacted Missouri S&T’s first St. Pat’s.
Jeff Steinhart, vice president of engineering for Anheuser-Busch, president of the Missouri S&T Board of Trustees, and an Honorary Knight, rides down Pine Street with the Clydesdales.
honorary knights
Pictured at left is former St. Pat Bob Schuchardt,
MetE’51. At right is honorary knight Warren Carroll,
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On June 16, 2008. Posted in News, Summer 2008

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