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Advancing Excellence

UMR capital campaign seeks to strengthen campus is key areas
If there is one common quality among UMR alumni and friends, it’s loyalty.

Harvest Collier (left), vice provost of undergraduate studies, with chemistry students Kyle Anderson and Kylee Hyzer. | photo by Ian Nance

Take, for instance, Helen Lasko. The wife of the late Edward P. Lasko, MetE’50, established two scholarships totaling $100,000 and an estate gift that will add nearly $2 million more with money she made playing the stock market. But the gift that means the most to her is the $50 check she sends to the football program every March 17 in honor of Edward’s birthday. He played football for the Miners and UMR was important to him. Now it is important to Helen.

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A legacy through lectures

  • Goal for program support: $32 million
  • Amount raised: $32.2 million
Walter and Miriam Remmers

When Walter, MetE’23, MS MetE’24, and Miriam Remmers said they wanted to bring big names to campus, they weren’t kidding. In 1979, Gerald Ford became the first speaker in the Remmers Special Artist/Lecturer Series. The list of those who followed includes Margaret Thatcher, Charles Kuralt, Colin Powell, Lance Armstrong and Wynton Marsalis.

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Building a better UMR

  • Goal for facilities: $37 million
  • Amount raised: $15.6 million
John and Mary Toomey

Since the “quiet” phase of the Advancing Excellence Campaign began in 2003, UMR has received one of the largest gifts in its history: $5 million for the renovation and expansion of the mechanical and aerospace engineering complex, Toomey Hall, from John, ME’49, MS ME’51, and Mary Toomey and their family, replacing a building built on the UMR campus before the Wright brothers flew.

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Empowering the fearless

  • Goal for scholarships: $35 million
  • Amount raised: $23.1 million
Stephen and Susan Rector | photo by Susan English

Stephen W. Rector, PetE’72, MS PetE’73, got the chance for a college education thanks to scholarships in petroleum engineering. Now, Rector and his wife, Susan, are giving that same chance to future generations of Miners through their $1 million scholarship endowment.
UMR needs to attract quality students, to encourage diversity and to recruit students interested in studying biotechnology and other emerging fields. The scholarships established through the Advancing Excellence Campaign will create opportunities for future generations of Miners.

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Focusing on faculty

  • Goal for faculty support: $26 million
  • Amount raised: $6.4 million

Endowed faculty positions attract top educators and researchers to UMR.

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Meet the team

Meet the Advancing Excellence leadership team
National Chair
Gary Forsee
, CE’72, chairman and CEO of Sprint Nextel Corp.
Forsee.jpgForsee believes alumni can have an invaluable influence on UMR’s legacy of educational excellence. “As part of the campaign leadership team and as a member of the Board of Trustees, I believe the ability to help set an agenda for the university based on a wide range of inputs is a critical step in the campaign process. A lot of voices need to be heard and they will be. From that we can in some measure ensure that the future remains bright for this institution.”

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Campaign Launch: $115 million and counting

On Thursday, April 19, UMR Chancellor John F. Carney III announced the launch of the largest capital campaign in the institution’s history. Titled “Advancing Excellence: The Campaign for the University of Missouri-Rolla,” the goal is to raise $200 million by June 2010 to achieve the university’s vision of becoming a top five technological research university. To date, the effort has raised more than $115 million for UMR students, programs, faculty and facilities.

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Lessons from Bolivia

This past summer the University of Missouri-Rolla’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders traveled to two destinations in Bolivia to apply their engineering skills to local problems. The first destination was a small boarding school in the Amazon. There the problem consisted of finding a clean source of water. The second location was in Inca Katurapi, a small village in the Andes where there had never been latrines. UMR students and faculty developed composting latrines for the community in an attempt to help reduce the infant mortality rate. What follows is the story of that adventure.

Miner swimmers place fourth at NCAA II meet

The UMR swimming team placed fourth at the NCAA Championships in March, its highest result at a national meet since 1998 and its fourth straight top-10 finish. The 12 team members earned a total of 37 All-America honors, 17 of which was based on individual performance, and established nine new school records.

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David Hill: It all starts with an idea

David Hill
David Hill | photo by Megan Kean

By the time he graduated high school, industrial engineering senior David Hill already had his foot in the door of the business world. As a sophomore at Oakville Senior High in St. Louis, he and some friends started a web design company that was successful from the start, thanks to Hill’s ability to capitalize on specific customer needs.

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