What’s up with the puck?

The Puck

It looks like a puck. At least, it’s shaped like a puck. It must be a puck. That’s what UMR students decided after a rather mysterious concrete and rock structure, shaped like a huge hockey puck, showed up on campus in the early 1970s.

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Extreme makeover

Over piles of paperwork on his desk, through the summer rain streaming down his office window, Ashok Midha, chair of mechanical and aerospace engineering, looks out at an old building now called the Mechanical Engineering Annex. He likes to point out that the annex, which is not long for this campus, was originally constructed in 1902 – a year before the Wright Brothers made their historic flight. Today, he says, the students in UMR’s largest department work on hypersonic vehicles and conduct virtual reality simulations.

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Happy trees

trees.jpgTo paraphrase the late painter Bob Ross, who made a living making landscapes come to life on public television, “Maybe a happy tree lives right over here…” Well, from crab apples to dogwoods, from oaks to maples, the UMR campus now has more than 3,000 happy trees.

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Jeremiah King: It’s good to be King

Jeremiah King

The minimum requirement for portraying St. Pat is the ability to grow a beard. But Jeremiah King, UMR’s 2004 St. Pat, has a lot more than facial hair going for him.

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Paul Worsey: Not your average Joe Blow

UMR connection: Professor of mining engineering, explosives expert.
Claim to fame: Teaches the world’s only for-credit class in pyrotechnics and started the first college commercial demolition class in the United States.

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